My Thanksgiving Story


Happy Thanksgiving!!

     I know it’s a tad bit late but I just wanted to say that I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that hope no one got trampled or hurt during Black Friday. Here’s how my Thanksgiving went:

     The week before Thanksgiving I traveled a half hour from the college to spend the weekend with my girlfriend’s family. I got to meet the relatives who were all very excited to meet me as well, I was only a little nervous. Afterwards (the next day that is) we went to a baptism for one of her newborn cousins which was also a new experience for me. All in all the food was great and her family were very lively and fun to be around.

     The next chapter of this story involves Thanksgiving weekend. I packed up my stuff and left the college on Wednesday traveling through fairly heavy snow about half the way. One of my biggest fears is driving in the snow so my nerves were off the charts. Halfway there though the roads quickly cleared up and were limited to the water left behind by melted snow. Ironically though the only time I nearly got in any kind of collision was during this time when the roads were totally clear. A car, attempting to pass a car ahead of it as well as a semi truck, nearly hit me head on. Thankfully, though, my road went from one to two lanes right at the last minimal second giving me the chance to swerve to safety as the other driver quickly swerved back into his lane nearly losing the back of his vehicle to the semi he was trying to pass. We both went on our ways with our hearts in our throats thinking about how close that was.

     Once I had gotten home I went out to dinner with some friends, got some wings, and went home to sleep. The next morning I (relentlessly) got out of bed, unable to sleep any further due to my siblings making so much noise. Once up I took my usual morning shower before doing some various mixation of work and gaming on my laptop and phone while the Thanksgiving Day Parade played in the background. Finally my family showed up and things got loud . One niece watched South Park on her phone the whole time, and the others attempted to calm the dog who was forced to be barred into another room due to her incessant barking at the otherwise unknown humans in the house. As always mom’s food was delicious and we feasted till we were full, and then feasted some more. I’ve told my girlfriend Michelle before that no matter what else is being served as long as there is some delicious mashed potatoes and gravy I will be satisfied, and I was. Also were the other typical Thanksgiving trimmings: Turkey, Ham, Sweet Potatoes, Stuffing; as well as some less traditional items that are family favorites: Lime Pudding with Marshmallows inside on top of Graham Cracker Pie Crust, and Mini-Max (which is Acini De Pepe noodles with whipped cream and fruit cocktail, one of the most delicious things in the world). We filled up and laughed with the family all normal holiday tradition type stuff, while everyone kept tonight’s sport in mind (and by sport I’m referring to Black Friday Shopping not Football).

     5:00PM came fairly quickly once we had eaten, possibly because everyone wither took a nap, played games, or watched football. Once the clock hit that time my brother David and I were out the door. I had been planning for the Blck Friday tradition my friends and I always take part of for awhile now and was ready as could be.  We met at the back of the Taco John’s restaurant my friend works at (they were closed) which was right down the street from the Wal-Mart closest to my house (we have two in Sioux City). We jumped into my friend Quinn’s new car and were off. Our first destination was the mall, we went there and the first thing we see inside is a large group of people standing like a zombie horde piling over themselves at the locked doors. We decided to wait in the car, mostly because no one was really planning to get anything there (though I honestly wanted to get footage of the big crowd at the front door). Anyways once we let the car and went into the mall it was surprisingly quiet, and normally the saying would be “like the calm before the strom” but the entire 45 minutes – an hour we were there it never really built up. I bought a couple posters from FYE and we went on our way.

     Our next destination was Wal-mart (the one by my house) which is where things get intense. We went inside and there were people, LOTS of people. People lined up all throughout the store! I pushed through the crowds trying to find the laptop I was hoping to get. In the process I ran into some of my relatives who had come down for Thanksgiving who had carts full and were just as freaked out as the rest of the crowds. Apperently to get an item one of my older sisters started screaming about free vodka somewhere or something along those lines. Anyways I found where my laptop was supposed to be and found no line…I was confused. My laptop was not supposed to go on sale until 8PM and it was still only 7PM. I talked to the lady standing at the spot who was overseeing it and she simply stated that the item was all out. I was confused and upset, why had they sold the item when it still had an hour before they were supposed to sell it, THE AD HAD LIED TO ME!!!! I moved on making my way through the crowds back to the front to head to the next store. We went to Target, and on our way I looked over the ads thinking I had made a mistake, or at least hoping I could figure out another deal at another store.

     Target was fairly uneventful to say the least, we practically walked in and walked back out again. Eventually we were down to myself and my brother, and we had no idea where else to go, so we decided to hit the OTHER Wal-Mart in town. I had already had my hopes crushed so I tried not to build them back up, but I couldn’t help but hope that there was still one of those laptops left at this store. As I walked into the store my hopes flew, people everywhere were running around, swarming the saran-wrapped displays. The chaos was beautiful, now I don’t mean to sound creepy but honestly the attempt at organization at the other Wal-Mart with the lines etc was a waste of time and just made things confusing and a mess. This was the true Black Friday. Anyways I went to talk to the section with the laptop and there was a very nice woman there who simply had no idea where the item was. She suggested me to one of the other employees who said he was sorry to say they were all sold out, it was only 7:50PM. Again I was sad, but since I had already been let down before s it hurt less.

     I decided in my sadness that I would buy a treat: AE Egg-Nog one of the most delicious drinks of the holiday season. As I made my way to the food section I noticed something out of the corner of my eye, down the long aisle were little Black Friday sections with video games from Xbox to Playstation so I decided to check them out (by the way there were no other costumers in the aisle except one which I’ll mention in a moment). Anyways as I made my way down the aisle I noticed the helpful woman from before who was meeting with a customer, the two of them were looking an ad and I could see that they were looking over the page with the item I wanted on it. I walked over and started looking over their shoulders and on a pile of cereal next to them were laptops, about 8 of them brand new in their boxes stacked on top of each other. They came to the conclusion that these were in fact the laptops from the ads and I excitedly put my ad in my pocket and reached for a laptop. The other customer, a woman, was grabbing three and looked at me asking if I was getting one too. I said yes and she handed one to me and we gave each other a fist bump to congratulate each other on the awesome deal we sneakily got to, one that was currently hidden from everyone else. I went through the incredibly long line to the checkout and made my way home with a smile on my face. My story ended well.


     On Saturday I got to go to my extended families house for the final celebration of the holiday. A great finish to the 2014 Thanksgiving.

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