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Spring Break

So I’m hoping everyone out there had a great spring break because I know I sure did. I may not have had the most extravagant of a spring break, I didn’t get to travel anywhere cool like some of my friends here at the college did: Hawaii, Florida, California; but even though it wasn’t the coolest break it may have been the most rewarding.

I went home for spring break, back to the beautiful Sioux City, Iowa, where I settled into the house and called up some friends who were also in town. Before I did that though I knew that I was going to need some work to keep me occupied, though I had friends that lived in Sioux City they worked during the day which meant that I would be stuck at home which would not only be boring but also unhealthy (because I tend to eat when I’m bored at home). So not wanting to go through the hassle of going back to any of my current employments: Fareway, Carousel, etc that would require me to set up a schedule etc and would have been too much hassle just for one week of work; I rather decided to post an ad on Craigslist offering to do some general labor: moving, lifting, etc as well as offering to do video and photography work as well. I was a little skeptical at first; we all know the stories about the “bad people” on Craigslist. Anyways, I quickly got a response from a nice woman who needed help with yard work and various moving. I went to her house and everything was legit, possibly some of the hardest most physically strenuous work I’ve done in my life for sure but for $10/hr I figured it was worth it. She asked me back the next day and the day after that totaling me in the end at $120, a nice stash of cash to bring back to the college with me (though to be totally honest I spent most of it while I was still at home). So bottom-line this entire story goes out to all those college students and college students in the future that your spring break/breaks in general don’t have to be boring and unfruitful.

Aside from working and making much needed money I had a lot of opportunities to hang out with some of my Sioux City friends which I greatly appreciated. My friend Jordan, who is soon to be married, let me stay overnight at his place just like we did all the time in the good-ole-days giving us time to reminisce. I got to go with him and his fiance and her friend (who I will be eternally grateful to) who took me out to see Insurgent with them.

Quinn, the one I mention in the My Life A Fan Fiction stories is always one of my go-to guys while I’m in town and we had a good time chilling together. We found ourselves at Perkins a lot (since it’s open 24/7 and we stay up pretty late) just talking and having a slice of pie. At one point we went down to South Sioux City where a friend from high school worked and messed with her until she got off. From this experience I got my first lottery ticket (I do not condone the buying of such items but I won a bet and it was pretty much bought for me) which got me some winnings of about $2.

Interesting story that goes along with what I was just talking about. After the whole lottery ordeal we went with this girl to Perkins where we sat down and snacked on pie while we all talked when in walked this guy, younger handsome looking possibly a college student, who sat a couple tables ahead of us all by himself and ordered some food. He noticed us conversing (which wasn’t hard we were kind of loud) and decided to watch us (very obviously) and listen in. We all noticed it except for Kayla (the girl with us) who was sitting with her back turned to the guy. Anyways he continued to stare which was freaking Quinn and I out and I even once looked over at him and smiled and nodded, very passively but nevertheless, and it did nothing the man did not look away. At one point I made a reference to Avatar: The Last Airbender (freaking love that series) which this guy picked up on and said, “dude you like last airbender? Nice!” and reached over to give me a high-five which I returned cause I’m just a nice guy like that. Anyways he got his food which he would eat a little of and then go back to watching us and once finished with his food left and paid without a goodbye. If you’re the guy and you’re reading this I’m not mad or anything but definitely hit me up in the comments and let me know what’s up.

The whole break had it’s ups and downs such as finding that someone had taken a dump in the Hamilton blvd McDonald’s urinal which was disgusting and if you did it and you’re reading this, dude that’s not funny it’s disgusting seriously. But thankfully the break had more ups than downs and that’s what’s important.

My Thanksgiving Story


Happy Thanksgiving!!

     I know it’s a tad bit late but I just wanted to say that I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that hope no one got trampled or hurt during Black Friday. Here’s how my Thanksgiving went:

     The week before Thanksgiving I traveled a half hour from the college to spend the weekend with my girlfriend’s family. I got to meet the relatives who were all very excited to meet me as well, I was only a little nervous. Afterwards (the next day that is) we went to a baptism for one of her newborn cousins which was also a new experience for me. All in all the food was great and her family were very lively and fun to be around.

     The next chapter of this story involves Thanksgiving weekend. I packed up my stuff and left the college on Wednesday traveling through fairly heavy snow about half the way. One of my biggest fears is driving in the snow so my nerves were off the charts. Halfway there though the roads quickly cleared up and were limited to the water left behind by melted snow. Ironically though the only time I nearly got in any kind of collision was during this time when the roads were totally clear. A car, attempting to pass a car ahead of it as well as a semi truck, nearly hit me head on. Thankfully, though, my road went from one to two lanes right at the last minimal second giving me the chance to swerve to safety as the other driver quickly swerved back into his lane nearly losing the back of his vehicle to the semi he was trying to pass. We both went on our ways with our hearts in our throats thinking about how close that was.

     Once I had gotten home I went out to dinner with some friends, got some wings, and went home to sleep. The next morning I (relentlessly) got out of bed, unable to sleep any further due to my siblings making so much noise. Once up I took my usual morning shower before doing some various mixation of work and gaming on my laptop and phone while the Thanksgiving Day Parade played in the background. Finally my family showed up and things got loud . One niece watched South Park on her phone the whole time, and the others attempted to calm the dog who was forced to be barred into another room due to her incessant barking at the otherwise unknown humans in the house. As always mom’s food was delicious and we feasted till we were full, and then feasted some more. I’ve told my girlfriend Michelle before that no matter what else is being served as long as there is some delicious mashed potatoes and gravy I will be satisfied, and I was. Also were the other typical Thanksgiving trimmings: Turkey, Ham, Sweet Potatoes, Stuffing; as well as some less traditional items that are family favorites: Lime Pudding with Marshmallows inside on top of Graham Cracker Pie Crust, and Mini-Max (which is Acini De Pepe noodles with whipped cream and fruit cocktail, one of the most delicious things in the world). We filled up and laughed with the family all normal holiday tradition type stuff, while everyone kept tonight’s sport in mind (and by sport I’m referring to Black Friday Shopping not Football).

     5:00PM came fairly quickly once we had eaten, possibly because everyone wither took a nap, played games, or watched football. Once the clock hit that time my brother David and I were out the door. I had been planning for the Blck Friday tradition my friends and I always take part of for awhile now and was ready as could be.  We met at the back of the Taco John’s restaurant my friend works at (they were closed) which was right down the street from the Wal-Mart closest to my house (we have two in Sioux City). We jumped into my friend Quinn’s new car and were off. Our first destination was the mall, we went there and the first thing we see inside is a large group of people standing like a zombie horde piling over themselves at the locked doors. We decided to wait in the car, mostly because no one was really planning to get anything there (though I honestly wanted to get footage of the big crowd at the front door). Anyways once we let the car and went into the mall it was surprisingly quiet, and normally the saying would be “like the calm before the strom” but the entire 45 minutes – an hour we were there it never really built up. I bought a couple posters from FYE and we went on our way.

     Our next destination was Wal-mart (the one by my house) which is where things get intense. We went inside and there were people, LOTS of people. People lined up all throughout the store! I pushed through the crowds trying to find the laptop I was hoping to get. In the process I ran into some of my relatives who had come down for Thanksgiving who had carts full and were just as freaked out as the rest of the crowds. Apperently to get an item one of my older sisters started screaming about free vodka somewhere or something along those lines. Anyways I found where my laptop was supposed to be and found no line…I was confused. My laptop was not supposed to go on sale until 8PM and it was still only 7PM. I talked to the lady standing at the spot who was overseeing it and she simply stated that the item was all out. I was confused and upset, why had they sold the item when it still had an hour before they were supposed to sell it, THE AD HAD LIED TO ME!!!! I moved on making my way through the crowds back to the front to head to the next store. We went to Target, and on our way I looked over the ads thinking I had made a mistake, or at least hoping I could figure out another deal at another store.

     Target was fairly uneventful to say the least, we practically walked in and walked back out again. Eventually we were down to myself and my brother, and we had no idea where else to go, so we decided to hit the OTHER Wal-Mart in town. I had already had my hopes crushed so I tried not to build them back up, but I couldn’t help but hope that there was still one of those laptops left at this store. As I walked into the store my hopes flew, people everywhere were running around, swarming the saran-wrapped displays. The chaos was beautiful, now I don’t mean to sound creepy but honestly the attempt at organization at the other Wal-Mart with the lines etc was a waste of time and just made things confusing and a mess. This was the true Black Friday. Anyways I went to talk to the section with the laptop and there was a very nice woman there who simply had no idea where the item was. She suggested me to one of the other employees who said he was sorry to say they were all sold out, it was only 7:50PM. Again I was sad, but since I had already been let down before s it hurt less.

     I decided in my sadness that I would buy a treat: AE Egg-Nog one of the most delicious drinks of the holiday season. As I made my way to the food section I noticed something out of the corner of my eye, down the long aisle were little Black Friday sections with video games from Xbox to Playstation so I decided to check them out (by the way there were no other costumers in the aisle except one which I’ll mention in a moment). Anyways as I made my way down the aisle I noticed the helpful woman from before who was meeting with a customer, the two of them were looking an ad and I could see that they were looking over the page with the item I wanted on it. I walked over and started looking over their shoulders and on a pile of cereal next to them were laptops, about 8 of them brand new in their boxes stacked on top of each other. They came to the conclusion that these were in fact the laptops from the ads and I excitedly put my ad in my pocket and reached for a laptop. The other customer, a woman, was grabbing three and looked at me asking if I was getting one too. I said yes and she handed one to me and we gave each other a fist bump to congratulate each other on the awesome deal we sneakily got to, one that was currently hidden from everyone else. I went through the incredibly long line to the checkout and made my way home with a smile on my face. My story ended well.


     On Saturday I got to go to my extended families house for the final celebration of the holiday. A great finish to the 2014 Thanksgiving.

What did I Eat?

So just this last weekend I left the college and went home because my mother was leaving town for a short vacation and needed me to watch my siblings. I got there and she gave me a long list of things to remember to do: feed them, water them, make sure they take their medication; and to go with that she gave me details on what food she had around for me to make. There were a couple frozen pizzas in the freezer, some chicken strips, and some taco meat in the fridge. I knew what to do and assured her we would be fine. She headed out and the babysitting began.

Friday passed, and Saturday went by quickly and as 5:00PM came along and I decided it was time to start dinner. I grabbed the meat out of the fridge and slammed it down on the skillet and started the stove, it was taco time! The meat took forever to cook because I had forgotten to thaw it but eventually it had been browned and coated in taco seasoning; and while my siblings chopped up the lettuce and tomatoes I quickly set the table. The food was set and we ate, and it was delicious, at one point though one of my siblings made the comment that the meat looked funny, i told them it tasted fine and though they agreed they still said it looked different.

Saturday went by and Sunday came and that night I headed back to the college. Mom had still yet to come home but had insisted that I head back a soon as possible so I wouldn’t have to drive in the dark as much. I got back to the college, worked on some homework, and eventually made it to bed. The next day, while I sat in class I received a text. The phone was in my pocket and I didn’t want to pull it out in fear that the professor would catch me and be upset, so I let it be. After class though I quickly reached in and hit the on button, the screen flashed with a notification on the front reading: Text From Mom. Now mom has a tendency to text me the most random things about her day or things that she’s seen; for instance today she told me she was feeling sick, then went on to tell me what my siblings were up to, how much of the house she had cleaned, and that the Mythbusters were going to be visiting Sioux City. This being the case I prepared for something strange, but to my surprise the text read, “I noticed you didn’t use the meat I left you for the tacos, what’d you use?” I stared at the message in horror, WHAT DID I USE??? Then she responded with, “Glad it’s still here,” in the sense of “that means I can use it for my favorite dish.” To this day I am still unsure what I had used for those tacos but with all that seasoning it tasted just the way it normally does.

One Ah-Ah-Ah, Two Ah-Ah-Ah


     Once upon a time back in high school (always wanted to say that). Anyways, back in high school we had a tradition (one that a lot of schools these days have) of having the seniors go on a trip either out of the state (in my case Iowa) or even out of the country (sadly we didn’t get that lucky). For our trip we got to go to the great and incredibly busy state of New York (and also got a quick taste of Pennsylvania too). Now in New York, in the busier areas such as Times Square, there are people that will dress up as various characters including superheroes and other various movie and television based characters. These people aren’t doing this for free obviously, they want you to ask to take a picture of it and then ask for a tip afterwards. I knew about this but I had plenty of spending cash at the time so I figured hey I’m going to find a character I like and get a picture with him .Now as you know if you’ve read any of my other blog posts you can tell I like superheroes, so I got pretty excited when I saw someone dressed as Spiderman!

Spiderman and Me

     I saw this fellow and decided he would be the one, my first, I was going to get a picture with this person. So I walked over to him and he turned around and encouraged me to come over. I pushed my phone into the hands of a friend and told him to take the picture as soon as I was in position. He began preparing while I rushed over and put my arm around this unknown figure dressed as my Marvel hero.

     “Alright whenever you’re ready!” I yelled to my friend. He snapped the picture and brought it over for me to check. “Looks good,” I said and then turned to the red and blue figure next to me who I knew was waiting for his tip (here comes the punch line). I turned to him and asked, “how much do you want?” and to my surprise a voice featuring an eastern European accent that sounded exactly like the count from Sesame Street that said (Read in accent), “oh won, too, tree dollars it does not matter.” I was forced to hide my chuckling as I reached into my wallet and pulled out a few dollars. and handed them to him which he stuffed into the bag (that you can barely see in the picture) and he went on his way.

     So the moral of this story, you never know who might be under that mask or, in this case, in that costume.

Happy Halloween!!!!


Happy Halloween

     So it’s Halloween everyone! One of my favorite holidays! Halloween is a time for us all to dress up and it’s considered socially acceptable, and have fun receiving candy, playing tricks, and socializing! Whether you’re going to be trick-or-treating, or you’re going to a party I hope you all have a wonderful and hopefully somewhat scary Halloween!

Halloween Deep Thought

     I know many think of Halloween as satanic or evil but I think that’s more people taking things a bit too far. Sure there’s the concept of the costumes being used to scare away demons, and some of the costumes today are pushing the limits of what kids should and shouldn’t be allowed to see, but I think bottom-line the holiday is meant to be fun. If a kid dresses up as a superhero or princess and goes to the neighbors to get candy there’s nothing evil or wrong about that. If you go to a party dressed up as a zombie and have a couple drinks and socializing with some friends there’s nothing wrong with that. I think a lot of people look at it in a negative light which causes them to hate the holiday saying it encourages satanic activity. It’s kind of like how anything works: the original purpose is for good fun entertainment and then there are always those people that pervert it. Take social media for example, originally it is meant for friends and family to connect and be able to socialize online, or even share information with the world; but at the same time you have those people who use it for things like cyber-bullying and stalking.

Anything has good and bad sides to it and there’s not a whole lot we can do about that fact, but that doesn’t mean we should let the bad become the sole purpose for every activity etc. I believe we should continue putting that positive aspect into it and hope that those using it for evil will see that and change their ways, and even if they don’t we don’t want to give away our fun to them for them to enjoy in their evil practices. So this Halloween I encourage everyone to stay positive and create fun and safe environments so that we can all enjoy this awesome holiday.

What’s Your Costume?

Now I want to ask everyone what their plan is to dress up as for Halloween! I take the holiday seriously and one of my favorite things to do is create my own costume for something (usually a movie or TV show) that I really enjoy and go off of that. To show how unembarrassed I am I’m going to share an old picture from a past Halloween costume I once did:

Dr Horrible

Dr. Horrible from “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog”

     Yes, that’s me dressed as Dr. Horrible from the movie Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog directed by the amazing Joss Whedon (you can watch it free on Netflix it’s a great movie).

Me as Superhero


     The other night we did a Halloween special for a live talk show my friend does called Randomonium (check it out on Facebook here: Randomonium). I had just gotten done at another event so I only had about 20 minutes to put a costume together. I went with a black Morphsuit (I freaking LOVE Morphsuits) underneath with a pair of black shorts with a silver streak down the sides, paintball armor for a top, a cape with a hood, and to finish it all off used some black face makeup to do a rudimentary mask. In case you are wondering yes, I do have all this stuff on-hand in my room I really like costumes ok. My homemade heroes name is S.O.S (which I like to think of as Save Our Skylers) but a buddy of mine is to thank for the actual heroes full term which is: Skyler of the Shadows.

     I will be doing a couples costume with my girlfriend tonight which we’ve been keeping a surprise because there will be a Halloween Party and a couples costume contest, but I will be posting pictures tonight and trust me it’s going to be great!!!

     So I want to hear from you guys! What is your costume going to be this year and what are your plans? Please feel free to reply!


Hey everyone I just want to apologize for not posting anything these last few days. I’ve been on fall break so I got to go home and catch up with family and a couple friends so I was pretty busy and wasn’t able to post, but I want to say that I will be right back on my daily posts so thank you all for your patience.

     To say thank you for all your patience here’s a hilarious video a friend of mine showed me while I was on break so feel free to check it out! Hope you all enjoy.


Banned Deck Commercial

My Favorite Anime List #1-5

1. Attack on Titan


As I mentioned in a previous post I just finished Attack on Titan dubbed which was phenomenal. The emotion it evoked was insane! I felt so many adrenaline rushes from just the anger I had towards the titans and the douche bag humans alike it was amazing the show did an amazing job at tugging at people’s hearts. I also loved how the giants aren’t the slow bumbling creatures we normally see (not that there’s anything wrong with those giants) but rather as normally functioning humans just with the thinking capabilities and actions of a predatory beast (except for the abnormals of course).

Description: Attack on Titan takes place in a reality where humans are forced to hide from and battle against giants known as titans, behind their walls.

2. A Certain Scientific Railgun

Certain Scientific Railgun

Ok so school life and superpowers, what could possibly be better! It’s my favorite genres for any anime and this one pulled it off perfectly with its humor yet serious depth in the story-line that left you with an emotional attachment to it. I loved how the Esper abilities all had a sense of science to it as well as how the characters find clever logical ways to use their powers.

Description: A Certain Scientific Railgun follows the life of Mikoto Misaka one of the highest ranking Espers (basically super-powered people) in Academy City in her life’s misadventures. She fights against the crime of the city alongside her friends both Espers and non, and at the same time just enjoys life and faces the little obstacles we can all relate to.

3. Shiki


I love darker anime especially the ones that evoke emotions, and this specific anime hit the nail on the head.

Description: It’s hard to go into much description of the anime without giving things away so I’ll just stick with the broad description. Essentially in the small village of Sotobamura, a population of only about 1,300 people, people start showing up dead; killed supposedly by some kind of virus…or something else. At the same time a very bizarre family moves into the big European-styled house up on the hill.

4. Sword Art Online


Similarly to Attack on Titan this anime evokes a lot of emotion. Differently from Attack on Titan though, Sword Art Online has more of a beautiful touching emotional experience to it as opposed to AOT’s darker more angry emotional evoking (both are great though).

Description: Sword Art Online is set in a variety of worlds based around Virtual Reality MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games) where people from around the world put on a fancy headset and battle in fantasy worlds. One day, though, the creator appears in the game and informs the players that they are now trapped in the game. Not only that but if one were to die in the game, they would also die in real life, the only way to live through it is to beat the game.

5. School Rumble 


I love School Rumble, it was one of the first anime I started watching and it’s been near the top of my favorites list ever since. I love the comedy that revolves around the show as well as the fact that the show tends to be really random yet still manages to follow a story-line.

Description: The high school lives of the various students at Yagami High School, specifically revolving around the love-triangle between Harima Tenma and Karasuma (the three “main” Characters).

In the Quiet

As I walk to class I listen, I listen not only because it’s too early to talk but also because it lets me think. It lets me think about what is about to happen today, what happened yesterday, things I wish would happen and how I hope things will go. As I walk in my silence I listen to those around me, I hear nothing. Those around me are just as silent as I. The only sound that can be heard are my footsteps as my shoes lightly fall against the concrete sidewalk. In the background is the low hum of some kind of generator. Nobody talks, not even to say hi. They simply lift their hand in an  unexcited way. Maybe it’s because it’s early, I wonder what each person might be thinking about or if they are simply going about their day as they do every other day. The silence seeps in, a deep solemn silence. For some reason the quiet is strange to me, I’m headed to class the same as always and it’s always been this quiet. Why do I notice it today? What is different? Rather than finding the answer I accept things as they are and continue on in my own silence.

I’m a Pokemon Fan, There I said it!

So I love Pokemon, I love the concept, the world, the life but I will warn you now I’m not into this newer stuff. In fact, you will probably never hear me talk about anything past Diamond and Pearl (aka Gen IV) just a warning to you all. I will though talk more about the concept like how awesome real life would be if Pokemon were real and if we had a society based around Pokemon like we see in the games and shows.