“Hold on to Your Butts”


It is finally here! Jurassic World, the newest edition of the Jurassic Park series owned by Universal Studios and Steven Spielberg has officially launched it’s official trailer which you can watch HERE: Jurassic World Official Trailer. The movie stars Chris Pratt (yes THE Chris Pratt, from Guardians of the Galaxy) who apparently enjoys long walks on the beach and apparently calmly riding his motorcycle alongside some Velociraptors (yes that’s a thing).


     But OMG I absolutely LOVE that song: Jurassic Park Theme Music, makes me want to cry every time I hear it and they incorporated it into the new trailer!


     So based off of the trailer we can see a general gist of the storyline (that’s what trailers are supposed to be for after all) essentially we have the scientists to blame again. The park has finally opened and like any of the Disney theme parks hundreds of thousands of people are flocking there to see the dinosaurs (not sure how the government allowed them to create the park after all the things that went wrong with it the first three movies). Anyways, while the kids run around excitedly and the parents feel no sense of danger the men and women of science are down below them secretly creating a hybrid dinosaur (a hybrid of what we don’t know) and they don’t think to themselves, “Hey we’ve never done this before so we don’t know how it will turn out so maybe we should play it safe and do this somewhere else where hundreds of families aren’t right above us, or at the least maybe we should make a hybrid of some nice herbivores that don’t want to hurt people,” but instead they for some reason decided to make the most dangerous dinosaur they could right under the feet of a few hundred thousand men, women, and children. Now I’m not dissing the movie, in fact I am so very excited to see it, but that’s my rant about the concept so far; but hey you never know maybe there’s a reason for it all, or I have it totally wrong we won’t know until it’s out.

Special Thanks

     I also wanted to give a quick shout-out and special thanks to my amazing girlfriend Michelle for showing me the trailer otherwise I might have totally missed it. Thank You!

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