What did I Eat?

So just this last weekend I left the college and went home because my mother was leaving town for a short vacation and needed me to watch my siblings. I got there and she gave me a long list of things to remember to do: feed them, water them, make sure they take their medication; and to go with that she gave me details on what food she had around for me to make. There were a couple frozen pizzas in the freezer, some chicken strips, and some taco meat in the fridge. I knew what to do and assured her we would be fine. She headed out and the babysitting began.

Friday passed, and Saturday went by quickly and as 5:00PM came along and I decided it was time to start dinner. I grabbed the meat out of the fridge and slammed it down on the skillet and started the stove, it was taco time! The meat took forever to cook because I had forgotten to thaw it but eventually it had been browned and coated in taco seasoning; and while my siblings chopped up the lettuce and tomatoes I quickly set the table. The food was set and we ate, and it was delicious, at one point though one of my siblings made the comment that the meat looked funny, i told them it tasted fine and though they agreed they still said it looked different.

Saturday went by and Sunday came and that night I headed back to the college. Mom had still yet to come home but had insisted that I head back a soon as possible so I wouldn’t have to drive in the dark as much. I got back to the college, worked on some homework, and eventually made it to bed. The next day, while I sat in class I received a text. The phone was in my pocket and I didn’t want to pull it out in fear that the professor would catch me and be upset, so I let it be. After class though I quickly reached in and hit the on button, the screen flashed with a notification on the front reading: Text From Mom. Now mom has a tendency to text me the most random things about her day or things that she’s seen; for instance today she told me she was feeling sick, then went on to tell me what my siblings were up to, how much of the house she had cleaned, and that the Mythbusters were going to be visiting Sioux City. This being the case I prepared for something strange, but to my surprise the text read, “I noticed you didn’t use the meat I left you for the tacos, what’d you use?” I stared at the message in horror, WHAT DID I USE??? Then she responded with, “Glad it’s still here,” in the sense of “that means I can use it for my favorite dish.” To this day I am still unsure what I had used for those tacos but with all that seasoning it tasted just the way it normally does.

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