Me and Work Part 3

As I was saying I wanted to work Dairy section at the grocery store I worked at, but getting there wasn’t easy or maybe it was honestly I had no idea! We had just gotten a new assistant manager who seemed really friendly and was a great guy but I didn’t know him well enough to just go up to him and ask for the position, and as for the main manager i was always intimidated by him which was weird because he was also a really nice guy who was always encouraging his employees to be better. So I waited, I waited for an opportunity and I kept working hard being the best employee I could be and let me tell you that hard work really pays off, sometimes not in the way you’d expect though because a week or two later one of our freezer part-timers left and the freezer manager was in need of someone to take his place. I was good friends with the freezer guy so i immediately without hesitation offered to take his place and there I was finally off the floor. Sure the freezer was really cold but i didn’t have to do as much since freezer didn’t go empty very often which meant if I was bored I could go hang out and help my floor friends with their work (by then though they would have done all the hard stuff) and on top of that if I ever wanted to I could still go hide in the freezer to get away from the hustle and grumpy customers. Yet, I still wanted that dairy section to be mine, and now that I was in freezer (which is right next to the dairy) it made me want it even more. To be continued…

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