Me and Work Part 2

Anyways, back to Fareway. This was the job that got me where I am today, I worked there for about 4 years or so now and I’ll be honest i liked it about as much as anyone might like a part-time job which is very little. I’m not trying to bash the company or anything I love Fareway, but I just never quite felt happy doing grocery, but I put up with it because i needed the money. Plus it’s where I’ve made many good friends and connections as well as felt a sense of accomplishment, it was where I worked my way up from the bottom. As I was starting to say in Part 1 I started as a regular floor guy. Now before I go any further i’d like to establish that there isn’t a whole lot of moving up in the ranks one can do in a grocery store because without the right education etc you’re probably not going to become a manager or even an assistant manager. A friend of mine who works at Hyvee (Fareway’s competition) told the story of his manager who actually grew up wanting to manage a Hyvee someday, and hey if that’s your dream you go for it. But as I was saying that wasn’t really an option for me the most you could do is get off the floor into a more specific position (e.x. dairy, freezer, produce, etc) and my eyes were set on Dairy section, a place where you get to stay cool all day and not have to deal with as many grumpy customers and employees you don’t like. It was my short-term dream, and I just needed to find a way to get there. To be continued….

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