Flipping from Goodwill Part 1

Being the poor college student that I am I’ve always been searching for clever ways to make money that don’t require me to go too far or get a degree in anything I’m not already getting a degree in. One way that I like is flipping items that I buy from second hand stores such as Goodwill. It’s not quite that easy though. You could probably sell anything you find at a second-hand store online, but to actually make some decent money off of it is the tough part. Now obviously you can’t control what items you find at your local second-hand since things are constantly going in and out of them but it’s always good to know what to look for when you go right?


When you’re flipping always remember to bring your smartphone or something else that can get you on the internet to allow you access to see pricing on Amazon or Ebay (or even a place like Etsy) so you will know what is and isn’t valuable.

1. Games

Recently I went into a Goodwill with my smartphone and started to search the items I found that looked either antique-ish or brand new still in the box items. I searched and searched and eventually I discovered a section with some small classic handheld games.

Handheld games by Radica such as this one that are still in the box can bring in $20-$100+ on Ebay. I found this Bass Fishing one that was still in it’s package and can go for around $30, but there was a poker game I found that (were it still in the box) had the potential for being worth almost $100!

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