Happy Halloween!!!!


Happy Halloween

     So it’s Halloween everyone! One of my favorite holidays! Halloween is a time for us all to dress up and it’s considered socially acceptable, and have fun receiving candy, playing tricks, and socializing! Whether you’re going to be trick-or-treating, or you’re going to a party I hope you all have a wonderful and hopefully somewhat scary Halloween!

Halloween Deep Thought

     I know many think of Halloween as satanic or evil but I think that’s more people taking things a bit too far. Sure there’s the concept of the costumes being used to scare away demons, and some of the costumes today are pushing the limits of what kids should and shouldn’t be allowed to see, but I think bottom-line the holiday is meant to be fun. If a kid dresses up as a superhero or princess and goes to the neighbors to get candy there’s nothing evil or wrong about that. If you go to a party dressed up as a zombie and have a couple drinks and socializing with some friends there’s nothing wrong with that. I think a lot of people look at it in a negative light which causes them to hate the holiday saying it encourages satanic activity. It’s kind of like how anything works: the original purpose is for good fun entertainment and then there are always those people that pervert it. Take social media for example, originally it is meant for friends and family to connect and be able to socialize online, or even share information with the world; but at the same time you have those people who use it for things like cyber-bullying and stalking.

Anything has good and bad sides to it and there’s not a whole lot we can do about that fact, but that doesn’t mean we should let the bad become the sole purpose for every activity etc. I believe we should continue putting that positive aspect into it and hope that those using it for evil will see that and change their ways, and even if they don’t we don’t want to give away our fun to them for them to enjoy in their evil practices. So this Halloween I encourage everyone to stay positive and create fun and safe environments so that we can all enjoy this awesome holiday.

What’s Your Costume?

Now I want to ask everyone what their plan is to dress up as for Halloween! I take the holiday seriously and one of my favorite things to do is create my own costume for something (usually a movie or TV show) that I really enjoy and go off of that. To show how unembarrassed I am I’m going to share an old picture from a past Halloween costume I once did:

Dr Horrible

Dr. Horrible from “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog”

     Yes, that’s me dressed as Dr. Horrible from the movie Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog directed by the amazing Joss Whedon (you can watch it free on Netflix it’s a great movie).

Me as Superhero


     The other night we did a Halloween special for a live talk show my friend does called Randomonium (check it out on Facebook here: Randomonium). I had just gotten done at another event so I only had about 20 minutes to put a costume together. I went with a black Morphsuit (I freaking LOVE Morphsuits) underneath with a pair of black shorts with a silver streak down the sides, paintball armor for a top, a cape with a hood, and to finish it all off used some black face makeup to do a rudimentary mask. In case you are wondering yes, I do have all this stuff on-hand in my room I really like costumes ok. My homemade heroes name is S.O.S (which I like to think of as Save Our Skylers) but a buddy of mine is to thank for the actual heroes full term which is: Skyler of the Shadows.

     I will be doing a couples costume with my girlfriend tonight which we’ve been keeping a surprise because there will be a Halloween Party and a couples costume contest, but I will be posting pictures tonight and trust me it’s going to be great!!!

     So I want to hear from you guys! What is your costume going to be this year and what are your plans? Please feel free to reply!

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