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Attack on Titan Tribute Game

So I recently discovered something amazing that apparently people already knew about so I’m somewhat upset that no one bothered to tell me about it but I’ll forgive all of you who knew. Anyways, I recently was researching when they were going to come out with an online MMORPG for Sword Art Online, one of my two favorite anime alongside Attack on Titan, and I wondered to myself what about Attack on Titan? I know there is a live-action movie in the making which is going to be sweet!

But what about a game!? I want to swing around on my gear swinging swords and slicing open the napes of titan’s necks and saving all of humanity! And what do you know but in my search I discovered this:

The Attack on Titan Tribute Game. The game was created by Feng Lee, a Chinese game designer. The game lets you play as various characters: Eren, Mikasa, Levi, Armin, Marco and more each with their own special ability. You can swing around cities and forests on your gear, kill titans, and even play multiplayer online. The game even lets you play as a titan or even titan Eren! You can even fight the female titan, which I have yet to beat. The game is incredibly well designed and even though it still has some graphics issues it’s incredibly fun to play and would definitely recommend checking it out!

To download the game check it out here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/vbm…

And to play the game online go here: http://fenglee.com/game/aog/

Have fun and feel free to comment about other anime-based games out there that you think are really cool so I can check them out! Don’t forget to follow Gorssky4Ever!

Star Gazing

So we all have seen, talked to, or at least been in the same building with someone who is reasonably famous (even if you didn’t know it). In Sioux City (Iowa) where I hail from we have an ACME Comics that, on May 4th , has a Star Wars day. During this day of sci-fi commencement they have many things going on: they have special deals on their Star Wars comics and other products of similar theme, they have games and other activities (mostly for kids but they’re pretty cool nonetheless), and of course they invite some Star Wars related figure, typically actors, to come down and sign posters, take pictures, and generally talk to the fans.

Me and Tom Kane

            In 2012 they invited Tom Kane to town, and in case you don’t know Tom Kane (which you probably do, you just don’t know it) I will pull out some names you might recognize. Tom Kane is a voice actor who has been involved in almost any recent animated Star Wars series of any kind and is very famous based on his voice-acting roles of Yoda. He did the voice for Yoda in the Star Wars the Clone Wars series (as well as that epic narrator voice which I love!). He has also done the same voice for various video games like Lego Star Wars, Star Wars the Voice Unleashed,  and Knights of the Old Republic. He has also done the voice of Gandalf in several Lord of the Rings games, The voice of Mayor Quincy Sharp in the Batman games, Mr. Harriman from Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends, and many many more. Feel free to check him out on IMDB and see all the things he’s done. Tom Kane IMDB

Tom Kane is awesome, when I went up to get his autograph he handed it to me and in the voice of Yoda said, “The Force is strong in this one!” That was possibly one of the most magical moments in my life and I’ve been to Disneyworld. I was one of the last people in line so I got the chance to talk to him about what it was like being in the entertainment field and what it was like being a voice actor. He was great about answering questions and we managed to have a slightly awkward (only because I was so nervous to talk to someone with experiences I totally wish I had) but bottom-line awesome conversation. Possibly one of the coolest moments in my life.

I’M ON IMDB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

     OMG!!! I’m on IMDB!!! I had kind of known about this, a friend of mine from the college had been doing a comedy skit show called The Ryeburg Show that I was in a couple episodes of. He had mentioned how he had a friend that worked for IMDB (the popular film information site) and was registering his show into their system. What I didn’t realize was that he had all of his actors registered as well.


(Me on IMDB)

     So yeah that’s my freak out of the day, if you’re a film or television company feel free to contact me!

The Dark Side of Today’s Entertainment

I feel like with the way the world is where we know a lot more about the messed up stuff that goes on (wars, violence, etc) due to social media, news, technology and what we are capable with those things; and because of these capabilities we as humankind have become a bit cynical which takes us away from the happy-go-lucky attitude in our humor. With the movies of today we see a lot of violence etc which makes us want more. That’s why I think dark humor is what the people want; we crave that sense of realisticness that can come with dark humor. We like to see other people in a light that makes us feel better about ourselves which leads us to our interest in the psychological where we get to see the darkness of other people’s minds. Think any show that involve criminals, serial killers, etc and how popular they are right now. Breaking Bad is considered one of the greatest dramas ever made, we see the creepy messed up stuff that goes down in American Horror Story, and the list goes on and on. Sons of Anarchy, Orange are the New Black, all your criminal shows. Now I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with these shows I watch them just like the rest of you and I love them, I’m just saying that this seems to be the state of our sense and desire of entertainment. Rather I’m saying it’s giving us a new way of viewing our entertainment and what our entertainment COULD be, as opposed to what it was.

Simpsons Meets Family Guy


You’ve probably all heard about the recent crossover episode between the animated comedy shows: Family Guy and The Simpsons. I recently watched it with my roommate and I will say it was pretty funny. The jokes they put in that reflect both shows. I don’t know a whole lot about The Simpsons because (don’t hate me I’m just being honest here) I never watched very much Simpsons, but I caught on to the majority of the jokes because in the end it WAS a Family Guy episode. I love how they made this remix of the theme songs from both shows played throughout. I also love how they matched up all the characters of both shows showing how they are surprisingly similar: Peter is your heavy and very dull-witted character just like Homer, Stewie is a trouble-maker just like Bart, and the scene in the courtroom that showed some of the various characters paired with their similar character from either show. Bottom-line I’d like to say that I love the concept of crossover episodes, if their done right, and I would definitely say this one was done right.