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Spring Break

So I’m hoping everyone out there had a great spring break because I know I sure did. I may not have had the most extravagant of a spring break, I didn’t get to travel anywhere cool like some of my friends here at the college did: Hawaii, Florida, California; but even though it wasn’t the coolest break it may have been the most rewarding.

I went home for spring break, back to the beautiful Sioux City, Iowa, where I settled into the house and called up some friends who were also in town. Before I did that though I knew that I was going to need some work to keep me occupied, though I had friends that lived in Sioux City they worked during the day which meant that I would be stuck at home which would not only be boring but also unhealthy (because I tend to eat when I’m bored at home). So not wanting to go through the hassle of going back to any of my current employments: Fareway, Carousel, etc that would require me to set up a schedule etc and would have been too much hassle just for one week of work; I rather decided to post an ad on Craigslist offering to do some general labor: moving, lifting, etc as well as offering to do video and photography work as well. I was a little skeptical at first; we all know the stories about the “bad people” on Craigslist. Anyways, I quickly got a response from a nice woman who needed help with yard work and various moving. I went to her house and everything was legit, possibly some of the hardest most physically strenuous work I’ve done in my life for sure but for $10/hr I figured it was worth it. She asked me back the next day and the day after that totaling me in the end at $120, a nice stash of cash to bring back to the college with me (though to be totally honest I spent most of it while I was still at home). So bottom-line this entire story goes out to all those college students and college students in the future that your spring break/breaks in general don’t have to be boring and unfruitful.

Aside from working and making much needed money I had a lot of opportunities to hang out with some of my Sioux City friends which I greatly appreciated. My friend Jordan, who is soon to be married, let me stay overnight at his place just like we did all the time in the good-ole-days giving us time to reminisce. I got to go with him and his fiance and her friend (who I will be eternally grateful to) who took me out to see Insurgent with them.

Quinn, the one I mention in the My Life A Fan Fiction stories is always one of my go-to guys while I’m in town and we had a good time chilling together. We found ourselves at Perkins a lot (since it’s open 24/7 and we stay up pretty late) just talking and having a slice of pie. At one point we went down to South Sioux City where a friend from high school worked and messed with her until she got off. From this experience I got my first lottery ticket (I do not condone the buying of such items but I won a bet and it was pretty much bought for me) which got me some winnings of about $2.

Interesting story that goes along with what I was just talking about. After the whole lottery ordeal we went with this girl to Perkins where we sat down and snacked on pie while we all talked when in walked this guy, younger handsome looking possibly a college student, who sat a couple tables ahead of us all by himself and ordered some food. He noticed us conversing (which wasn’t hard we were kind of loud) and decided to watch us (very obviously) and listen in. We all noticed it except for Kayla (the girl with us) who was sitting with her back turned to the guy. Anyways he continued to stare which was freaking Quinn and I out and I even once looked over at him and smiled and nodded, very passively but nevertheless, and it did nothing the man did not look away. At one point I made a reference to Avatar: The Last Airbender (freaking love that series) which this guy picked up on and said, “dude you like last airbender? Nice!” and reached over to give me a high-five which I returned cause I’m just a nice guy like that. Anyways he got his food which he would eat a little of and then go back to watching us and once finished with his food left and paid without a goodbye. If you’re the guy and you’re reading this I’m not mad or anything but definitely hit me up in the comments and let me know what’s up.

The whole break had it’s ups and downs such as finding that someone had taken a dump in the Hamilton blvd McDonald’s urinal which was disgusting and if you did it and you’re reading this, dude that’s not funny it’s disgusting seriously. But thankfully the break had more ups than downs and that’s what’s important.

The Dark Side of Today’s Entertainment

I feel like with the way the world is where we know a lot more about the messed up stuff that goes on (wars, violence, etc) due to social media, news, technology and what we are capable with those things; and because of these capabilities we as humankind have become a bit cynical which takes us away from the happy-go-lucky attitude in our humor. With the movies of today we see a lot of violence etc which makes us want more. That’s why I think dark humor is what the people want; we crave that sense of realisticness that can come with dark humor. We like to see other people in a light that makes us feel better about ourselves which leads us to our interest in the psychological where we get to see the darkness of other people’s minds. Think any show that involve criminals, serial killers, etc and how popular they are right now. Breaking Bad is considered one of the greatest dramas ever made, we see the creepy messed up stuff that goes down in American Horror Story, and the list goes on and on. Sons of Anarchy, Orange are the New Black, all your criminal shows. Now I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with these shows I watch them just like the rest of you and I love them, I’m just saying that this seems to be the state of our sense and desire of entertainment. Rather I’m saying it’s giving us a new way of viewing our entertainment and what our entertainment COULD be, as opposed to what it was.

In the Quiet

As I walk to class I listen, I listen not only because it’s too early to talk but also because it lets me think. It lets me think about what is about to happen today, what happened yesterday, things I wish would happen and how I hope things will go. As I walk in my silence I listen to those around me, I hear nothing. Those around me are just as silent as I. The only sound that can be heard are my footsteps as my shoes lightly fall against the concrete sidewalk. In the background is the low hum of some kind of generator. Nobody talks, not even to say hi. They simply lift their hand in an  unexcited way. Maybe it’s because it’s early, I wonder what each person might be thinking about or if they are simply going about their day as they do every other day. The silence seeps in, a deep solemn silence. For some reason the quiet is strange to me, I’m headed to class the same as always and it’s always been this quiet. Why do I notice it today? What is different? Rather than finding the answer I accept things as they are and continue on in my own silence.


Sometimes I look at other people and wonder if they feel the same way I do, feel the sense of existence that I feel. I have almost 2 decades worth of experiences and memories, and I feel this sense that I’ve been a part of life of the world. It’s kind of hard to describe, but I look at other people and I wonder to myself if they feel the same sense of existence as I do. To me I meet these people, they become my friends, I learn about them and hear about their lives and experiences, but sometimes I wonder to myself how they feel during a typical day. They walk around and go to work or classes or whatever they do and to me it seems like they’re going through some kind of robotic repeating schedule. While I have various things that hit me throughout a typical day that differ from the norm. I know in my mind that others have issues as well and that things affect their daily lives, but it’s so hard to see their reality the same way I see my reality. It’s so hard to understand them as I understand myself, and then at the same time sometimes I feel as though I don’t understand myself….