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Attack on Titan Tribute Game

So I recently discovered something amazing that apparently people already knew about so I’m somewhat upset that no one bothered to tell me about it but I’ll forgive all of you who knew. Anyways, I recently was researching when they were going to come out with an online MMORPG for Sword Art Online, one of my two favorite anime alongside Attack on Titan, and I wondered to myself what about Attack on Titan? I know there is a live-action movie in the making which is going to be sweet!

But what about a game!? I want to swing around on my gear swinging swords and slicing open the napes of titan’s necks and saving all of humanity! And what do you know but in my search I discovered this:

The Attack on Titan Tribute Game. The game was created by Feng Lee, a Chinese game designer. The game lets you play as various characters: Eren, Mikasa, Levi, Armin, Marco and more each with their own special ability. You can swing around cities and forests on your gear, kill titans, and even play multiplayer online. The game even lets you play as a titan or even titan Eren! You can even fight the female titan, which I have yet to beat. The game is incredibly well designed and even though it still has some graphics issues it’s incredibly fun to play and would definitely recommend checking it out!

To download the game check it out here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/vbm…

And to play the game online go here: http://fenglee.com/game/aog/

Have fun and feel free to comment about other anime-based games out there that you think are really cool so I can check them out! Don’t forget to follow Gorssky4Ever!

“Hold on to Your Butts”


It is finally here! Jurassic World, the newest edition of the Jurassic Park series owned by Universal Studios and Steven Spielberg has officially launched it’s official trailer which you can watch HERE: Jurassic World Official Trailer. The movie stars Chris Pratt (yes THE Chris Pratt, from Guardians of the Galaxy) who apparently enjoys long walks on the beach and apparently calmly riding his motorcycle alongside some Velociraptors (yes that’s a thing).


     But OMG I absolutely LOVE that song: Jurassic Park Theme Music, makes me want to cry every time I hear it and they incorporated it into the new trailer!


     So based off of the trailer we can see a general gist of the storyline (that’s what trailers are supposed to be for after all) essentially we have the scientists to blame again. The park has finally opened and like any of the Disney theme parks hundreds of thousands of people are flocking there to see the dinosaurs (not sure how the government allowed them to create the park after all the things that went wrong with it the first three movies). Anyways, while the kids run around excitedly and the parents feel no sense of danger the men and women of science are down below them secretly creating a hybrid dinosaur (a hybrid of what we don’t know) and they don’t think to themselves, “Hey we’ve never done this before so we don’t know how it will turn out so maybe we should play it safe and do this somewhere else where hundreds of families aren’t right above us, or at the least maybe we should make a hybrid of some nice herbivores that don’t want to hurt people,” but instead they for some reason decided to make the most dangerous dinosaur they could right under the feet of a few hundred thousand men, women, and children. Now I’m not dissing the movie, in fact I am so very excited to see it, but that’s my rant about the concept so far; but hey you never know maybe there’s a reason for it all, or I have it totally wrong we won’t know until it’s out.

Special Thanks

     I also wanted to give a quick shout-out and special thanks to my amazing girlfriend Michelle for showing me the trailer otherwise I might have totally missed it. Thank You!

Star Gazing

So we all have seen, talked to, or at least been in the same building with someone who is reasonably famous (even if you didn’t know it). In Sioux City (Iowa) where I hail from we have an ACME Comics that, on May 4th , has a Star Wars day. During this day of sci-fi commencement they have many things going on: they have special deals on their Star Wars comics and other products of similar theme, they have games and other activities (mostly for kids but they’re pretty cool nonetheless), and of course they invite some Star Wars related figure, typically actors, to come down and sign posters, take pictures, and generally talk to the fans.

Me and Tom Kane

            In 2012 they invited Tom Kane to town, and in case you don’t know Tom Kane (which you probably do, you just don’t know it) I will pull out some names you might recognize. Tom Kane is a voice actor who has been involved in almost any recent animated Star Wars series of any kind and is very famous based on his voice-acting roles of Yoda. He did the voice for Yoda in the Star Wars the Clone Wars series (as well as that epic narrator voice which I love!). He has also done the same voice for various video games like Lego Star Wars, Star Wars the Voice Unleashed,  and Knights of the Old Republic. He has also done the voice of Gandalf in several Lord of the Rings games, The voice of Mayor Quincy Sharp in the Batman games, Mr. Harriman from Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends, and many many more. Feel free to check him out on IMDB and see all the things he’s done. Tom Kane IMDB

Tom Kane is awesome, when I went up to get his autograph he handed it to me and in the voice of Yoda said, “The Force is strong in this one!” That was possibly one of the most magical moments in my life and I’ve been to Disneyworld. I was one of the last people in line so I got the chance to talk to him about what it was like being in the entertainment field and what it was like being a voice actor. He was great about answering questions and we managed to have a slightly awkward (only because I was so nervous to talk to someone with experiences I totally wish I had) but bottom-line awesome conversation. Possibly one of the coolest moments in my life.

For All You Filmmakers

So I talk a lot about filmmaking and so if anyone out there is looking for tips, tricks, or information about making movies or getting into the industry then check out Jason Brubaker’s site at: FilmmakingStuff.com. The guy has done a lot in the film industry and knows what he’s talking about. Also if you have Facebook check out his page: Filmmaking Stuff, or on twitter @filmmakingstuff.

It’s a Gap! So let’s fill it in!

Star Wars Rebels

Star Wars Rebels

I recently decided to check out this new animated Star Wars show : Star Wars Rebels, a show that takes place between Episodes III and IV. The show depicts the story of a group of rebels led by a surviving Jedi: Kanan Jarrus. The team sneakily invades and sabotages the Empires efforts. The first episodes focus on the newly entering member of the team Ezra, an orphan from the planet Lothel in the Outer Rim (Star Wars geeks know what I’m talking about), who happens to have some force powers about him. Supposedly the show will be meshing into the next Star Wars film: Episode VII with several other shows that the Star Wars section of Disney is planning.

For more details on how this show will refer to the rest of the universe check out this awesome article: “How Star Wars Rebels Will Connect To The Larger Star Wars Film Series,” by Sean O’Connell for the facts!

My Favorite Movie

Unicorn City

Unicorn City

I bet you weren’t expecting this! If you’ve seen this movie or even heard of it kudos to you, but if you haven’t I’m not surprised. You probably never heard about it airing in theaters since it’s more of an independent film, but nevertheless a great movie. It’s got a great storyline, a great theme, and an overall great moral at the end. If you’re a gamer especially fantasy RPG gamer you might just love this movie, if you’re a LARPer though you will LOVE it!

The story follows Voss, a RPG gamer with an anger problem who meets with his friends every day at the comic shop to play their tabletop games. At the same time we see his desire to get a job with a gaming company. He applies and the interviewer tells him he needs to see how Voss can prove himself a leader. So, to prove himself, he gets his friends together and starts a LARPers utopia out in the woods called Unicorn City, but it’s not as easy as it seems. Voss must deal with jealousy, lies, and his arch-nemesis Shadowhawk (played by Jon Gries).

The film own some great awards at various film festivals such as: Best Film at the Chicago Comedy Film Festival, Best Film Gencon Film Festival, Best Actress at La Comedy Film Festival, and others.

To check out Unicorn City go to UnicornCity.com or watch it on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video on Demand, etc.

Maze Runner


So I just recently got to see the newest movie adaptation, from the popular book: Maze Runner. The story follows Thomas who awakens going up a caged elevator that opens up to a group of young men standing around him. He quickly comes to realize that he and the others are trapped in “The Maze” but reside in the central safe place for fear of going inside. There are, though, a group of guys that venture inside to try to map the maze. Thomas becomes a runner and has to find a way out, and survive the deadly creatures that reside inside. The movie definitely hit the mark in the exciting category, there really wasn’t a moment when I wasn’t on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen next. I also liked the way they added some good creepy jumpy moments. The humor attempted was a little weak but it really wasn’t supposed to be that kind of movie anyways so not really a big deal, and the ending was a little weird (but hey as long as it’s sticking to the book, which I haven’t gotten around to reading, that’s totally ok with me). If you see it you’ll definitely see that there’s going to be a sequel, so that’s definitely something to look forward to.


Great action movie, as well as a little creepy. Ended satisfyingly (with expectations of a sequel. Had some great actors (I love British actors!!!) Great theme, storyline, dialogue, etc!


Lacking in their humor’s quality, jokes were cheesy.

Favorite Character:

It’s a very tough choice between Newt (Played by Thomas Brodie-Sangster) and Minho (Played by Ki Hong Lee). Newt for his actor (not that his character as the right-hand-man wasn’t a great character), and Newt for his character as that one runner that doesn’t give up and sticks with Thomas’s crazy reckless  curiosity.

Tips for Beginning Filmmakers

So you want to create visual stories? It’s a defining attribute of humankind to want to tell stories this is why we have social media, a direct link to the entire world; but making a visual story isn’t quite as easy as just pulling out a camera and waiting for one of those crazy accidents to happen like on America’s Funniest Home Videos, one must prepare to tell a story especially if they are going to do it with video.

1. Get a Camera


How can one make a video without having something to record it on. Getting a camera can be easy, but getting the RIGHT camera is a little more…expensive. One could get any cheap $20-$100 camera from Wal-Mart but that’s not going to get you very good quality. What you’ll probably want to go with is a DSLR camera which you can get at almost any store and definitely at an electronics store like Best Buy. These cameras are reasonable priced at about $300+ but you can always get one used. One thing to note though is that not all DSLR cameras have video capabilities, so make sure you check before you buy. One of the great things about DSLR cameras, aside from being cheaper than a compact high-end video camcorder, is that you can do a lot as far as lenses go. With the ability to interchange between lenses you increase your quality and allow you to add depth of field to your shots. I suggest a 50mm lens for great depth of field.

If you’re really short on cash that’s ok you can still tell your story. use your phone or tablet (if they have cameras) or even a webcam, these will still let you tell a story but don’t expect the quality to be great.

2. Create a Story

Obviously you can’t make a story if you have no story. Come up with a concept, a theme if you will. Great ways to brainstorm ideas is to start off with a genre. There are many genres: Action, Horror, Adventure, Romance, etc and you don’t have to stop with just one. Also, look around you at the areas you have available for you to film at. When I was just starting out in high school I filmed a lot at a good friend of mine’s house. So take that setting and decide what you can do with that. If it’s night time and you’re stuck inside maybe make a horror video. Whatever the case is get creative and be original!


Also, if you’re not too short for time create a script and a breakdown, and maybe even a shot list or screenplay. A script is the written out form of what you want your actors to say. This helps them to be prepared and it helps you, the producer/director, to have the story planned out so you’re not flying entirely by the seat of your pants. If you DO want to write a script use Word or Pages (depending if you’re a Mac or PC kind of person). Or go online and use Adobe Story which is a great way to write your script and make it look professional as well.

A breakdown shows all the aspects of your production as far as the where you’ll be filming and what you’ll need. This includes actors, costumes, locations, props, etc. Anything you will need for whatever scene is important to know ahead of time. Along with these you might want a shot list, which simply tells you what kind of camera angels, pans, zooms, etc you will be wanting for each scene. Get as detailed as you are comfortable with. If you aren’t intensely comfortable with terms and words for a shot list you can instead make a storyboard that illustrates your shots. Hey, you don’t have to be really artistic either so long as you can draw stick figures you’ll do just fine.

3. Get Together Other Equipment


Maybe you want to do fancy pans, make you want to do dolly shots or jib shots, whatever the case you will need a tripod at the least. You can probably get a decent tripod for $10 or so at Wal-Mart (Note: this will be a very cheap tripod so be careful with it because it will break easily). What you want to do though is simply keep your shots in mind and prepare accordingly. If you’re short on money (probably from buying the camera) but you still want some cool Jib or Dolly shots (Both Jibs and Dolly rigs are incredibly expensive by the way) there are ways to either substitute (use a wagon instead of a dolly) or even build your own. If you go to YouTube you can always find some great DIY tutorials to build your own film equipment such as: Film Riot or Indie Mogul.

4. Actors

Our film professor at the college I’m attending once told me that actors will always be one of the hardest parts of making your video, and he was right. Finding people willing to act in your videos and then getting them to actually show up and take part is one of the hardest things in filmmaking, especially when you’re just beginning. Try getting everything else planned out first then plan a day when you need your actors to show up that way you have everything set and ready to go. If you’re using your friends that’s great, but one thing to remember is that people are easily bored so make sure you’re not taking their time to set up etc. This will lead to them becoming uninterested and want to leave.

5. Start Filming

So now you have all your equipment, your script, your actors and you’re ready to start filming. Hold on a second though, there are some things you want to keep in mind.



You can have a great story and good actors, but when it all comes down to it if you can’t please the audience it won’t matter for squat. Make sure you have some kind of lighting in your video especially if it’s dark where you’re filming. Lighting can set moods and help in telling the story and making the audience feel a connection to the situation. Use lamps, flashlights, etc to add lighting to your scene and add mood.


boom mic

If you went with my earlier suggestion and are using a DSLR camera, audio shouldn’t be too difficult. One can buy a shotgun mic or even a shoe mic online for around $20 which will greatly improve the quality of your audio. You can also buy lavaliere microphones and attach them to some kind of audio recorder or even one’s phone, then syncing it up later in the editing process.

6. Post Production (Editing)

Windows Movie MakerimovieAvidFinal Cut ProAE

Alright so you’ve done it, you’ve gotten through the filming of your story. Congratulations that was the hard part, now on to the part that can be a bit tedious: editing. There are a lot of options when it comes to video editing software that all depend on what you’re used to or what you can afford.

Windows Movie Maker or iMovie

The most inexpensive video editing software are Windows Movie Maker or iMovie because they are free on your Windows or Mac. These will let you put your videos into a timeline and splice up the clips and move them around as needed. You won’t have a whole lot to do in the effects department, you should be able to do a little color correction but other than that you’re pretty limited.

Stronger Programs

If you’re looking to do some simple effects you might want to look into going a little higher end with programs like Adobe Premiere Elements or Pro. These will allow you to do some green screening and keying as well as stronger color correction. The kinds of programs will range from $50-$100 depending on where you get them, but are worth the cash if you’re looking to make your final product a little better.

Getting Professional

If you are really comfortable around editing or want to start learning early you might want to go with programs like Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro, etc which will allow you more freedom in effects. These programs will give your videos a much higher quality look (remember though that nothing can fix bad camera work) if done right.

7. Sharing


One of the beautiful things about the technology of our time is social media, letting us share our thoughts and other content with people from all around the world. With film and videos this is a great asset to sharing your visual story, YouTube especially. Making it simple to upload your content YouTube is definetely the place you want to go to post your video, and hey maybe it goes viral and you can make some money off of it as well. Also are blogs and your social media such as Facebook.

Final Thoughts

You’ve succesfully created your video and now you can share your story visually to the entire world. Making a video can be a complicated process but bottom-line it can also be fun if you keep it that way. So have fun and share your stories with the world!