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Chapter 7: Finding Michael  

“MICHAEL!” We all shout in excitement having finally found our missing friend. Michael jumped back in surprise at seeing a whole group suddenly in front of him, then, realizing it was us slowly pulled himself forward.

“Guys what’s up you come to work out with me?” Michael asks with a smile. We all stare silently unsure of what to say at this point.

“What?” Michael places his hand on his face, feeling around to make sure he didn’t have anything on it that didn’t belong there.

“Dude what are you doing,” I ask looking at Michael’s work. His cell phone was connected to a pair of earplugs and laying on the counter behind him next to the blender he had been filling with fruits and other ingredients.

“Making myself a smoothie before getting back to my workout,” Michael explains as he continues about making his shake. “I can make you guys one if you want, you want to wait five minutes after drinking it before you start lifting though, that gives the protein time to kick in.”

“Dude do you even realize what’s happening right now?” Ben practically shouts trying to imply the seriousness of the situation Michael is apparently completely unaware of.

“Um no,” Michael stammers looking up for only a moment to display the slightest look of interest and confusion before turning back around and tossing three slices of peeled kiwi into the blender.

“Dude it’s the zombie apocalypse!” Ben sharply explains. This catches Michael’s attention and he stops to slowly turn back to us.

“Wait, seriously?” He asks. I’m surprised at his reaction and the fact that he is so quick to believe us, even aside from all the pranks we’ve pulled on the guy a zombie apocalypse isn’t usually so easy to incite to someone without having a half-rotted walking corpse right in front of them.

“Yes!” Ben enunciates throwing his hands into the air. “How do you not know this!?” Michael takes a deep breath as if preparing to relay a long story.

“Well,” he starts. “I got here at 9am and went through my usual routine, half-an-hour on the treadmill, half-an-hour on the stationary bike, then rehydrate up here with a high energy shake. Then I move onto some stretches to loosen up my body before I hit the weights…”

“I don’t mean your routine dude, I want to know how you could possibly miss the concept of the zombie apocalypse happening in and outside of this building!”

“I’m getting to that!” Michael says with a hint of annoyance towards Ben for interrupting. “Anyways, after my stretches are done I come over here to get my high protein shake; this helps build more muscle once I start lifting.” Ben growls and gives Michael an evil glare, a non-verbal cue that Michael better hurry up with the story. “Ok well basically I come over here to order it and then something comes over all of the TVs at the same time, it’s the news. So I’m trying to listen in right? Then the dude making my smoothie flips the blender on making me miss the whole story. So I turn around and people are like rushing out of here.”

“And that didn’t trigger anything with you?” Ben asks his words thick with judgment.

“Well I wasn’t going to ruin my workout just cause a bunch of people leave, plus I was waiting on my smoothie.” At this point all of our faces are buried deep into our palms in embarrassment. “ As I’m waiting though the dude making it stops as an announcement comes over the speaker saying that all the staff is to leave everything where it is and to go to their homes because of some kind of emergency. Anyways the guy starts to leave and I’m like ‘hey dude what about my smoothie?’ and he just tosses me his keys and walks out the door saying something about making it myself.”

“And you didn’t think YOU should leave?” Quinn exclaims.

“Nah bro, like I said they said all staff was supposed to leave, they didn’t say subscribers had to go.”

“I like how you use the word subscribers instead of customer,” I chuckle noting Michael’s choice of words.

“So yeah, I’ve just been chilling here since then working out and drinking smoothies.” At this point Michael turns back around and continues his blendable concoction. I turn to look at Ben who looks like he’s about to explode.

“Why didn’t you answer our calls?!” His voice booms and resonates throughout the room bouncing off the various workout equipment, and ringing off the metal. Michael looks at us, then reaches past the blender and picks up his phone. We watch as he unlocks it and goes to the recent calls tab a little red circle above the missed calls section reading the number twenty three.

“Oh,” Michael muses and then clears the screen. “I changed my settings so that when I’m listening to music notifications for calls and texts don’t interrupt, helps me get into the zone you know.” Ben began to growl with annoyance when Caleb suddenly raised his hand.

“Guys do you hear that?” He asked looking worried. The room suddenly went silent as everyone held their breath. Sure enough they all could hear something coming from downstairs. The group slowly tip-toed their way to the door and opened it, from down the stairwell they could hear the sound echoing up the incline: growling, deep guttural growling; there was only one thing that made a sound like that: zombies a lot of zombies. Ben pushed past us and looked over the edge of the wall separating us from the deep drop to the first floor. We followed and joined his eyes with our own to experience the sight below. Zombies, about thirty at least, all piling on top of another attempting to get up the stairs, some managing a few stairs already thanks to their friends pushing them upwards in a mindless attempt to get the delicious flesh we featured.

“How are we going to get past that?” I breathed not taking my eyes away from the horror below. Ben stares at me eyes wide with fear.

“I don’t know.”

Most Useful Pokemon in Real-Life (Gen 1)

So I saw a post on Twitter the other day about someone’s list of Pokemon they thought would be useful in real life, and I thought to myself, ‘that’s a cool idea,’ but as I started reading I was disappointed at some of the reasoning for their choices. Some of them didn’t make a whole lot of sense and others were so generic, so I decided I would do my own blog post on which Pokemon I would want in real life based on their real life practicality.


1. Pidgeot


Pidgeot is one of many flying Pokemon in the games, but the positive aspect of Pidgeot that outdoes other flying Pokemon is that it can hit speeds faster than the speed of sound! You could get anywhere quicker than an airplane on the back of a Pidgeot, and you could go anywhere!

2. Poliwrath


Following the transportation aspect, if you can’t have a Pidgeot to fly over the seas or you want to do some ocean exploration Poliwrath is the way to go. One can ride the back of this incredibly muscular Pokemon who can smash through the waves in your way. Also, with it’s strength you never have to worry about bullies again since Poliwrath can simply beat them into Submission (see what I did there).

3. Alakazam


Bottom-line if you’re running late to work or wherever and you don’t have the time to enjoy the scenery or explore like you would with the previously mentioned Pokemon, then Alakazam is the choice for you. With Alakazam one can quickly teleport anywhere needed and in an instant. On top of that Alakazam has all those other Psychic based powers that would allow it to move things with it’s mind (never have to lift heavy furniture etc again) or hypnotize others (or even you if you’re having trouble sleeping or something). Finally, Alakazam is incredibly smart with an IQ of around 5,000 and a photographic memory you would never have to worry about getting things wrong again (great for helping you with your homework and even better it could communicate answers telepathically so the teacher will never know).

Manual Labor

4. Machamp


Why ever lift anything again if you have a Machamp, it can lift a freaking mountain if it wanted to! Machamp even has 4 hands allowing it to pick up four heavy things at once helping you to get your work done even faster. And of course he makes for a great body guard, I’d like to see someone go up against Machamp in a fight!

5. Scyther


Think about it! Scyther has swords for arms and a great sense of accuracy to go with it. Never worry about dicing your vegetables or slicing food in general with Scyther around. Don’t want to chop wood for the fire? That’s fine Scyther can make quick work out of logs, plants, heck even metal!

6. Rhydon


Aside from it’s strength and armor that covers its body, Rhydon has that awesome horn on the front of his face. This horn is great for drilling nice big holes, ever went to dig a hole no need for that anymore because Rhydon can do it for you!

Making Money

7. Meowth


Who else is better for making money than Meowth? I mean the Pokemon can create coins! It’s a great collector of shiny objects, and some (specifically our good friend Meowth from the show) are capable of human speech.

8. Chansey


Not just because Chansey makes a great nurse, the eggs that Chansey carries with it and lays several of a day are said to be incredibly nutritious as well as tasty. Start selling these and you’ll be rich in no time.

9. Jolteon


Everyone uses electricity, except like Amish people I suppose. So that means there’s obviously a high need for electricity. Jolteon is able to amplify and store this energy which can either be used by you to cut down on your electric bill, or to sell back to the electricity company for cash. With several Jolteons you could probably do both!

10. Ditto


Ever needed two of yourself for a job, Ditto can do that! With Ditto’s transform ability which allows it to copy the genetic structure of anything making itself look like that person, object, etc anything is possible. Use Ditto to mess with people or get twice as much done it’s all up to you.