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Spring Break

So I’m hoping everyone out there had a great spring break because I know I sure did. I may not have had the most extravagant of a spring break, I didn’t get to travel anywhere cool like some of my friends here at the college did: Hawaii, Florida, California; but even though it wasn’t the coolest break it may have been the most rewarding.

I went home for spring break, back to the beautiful Sioux City, Iowa, where I settled into the house and called up some friends who were also in town. Before I did that though I knew that I was going to need some work to keep me occupied, though I had friends that lived in Sioux City they worked during the day which meant that I would be stuck at home which would not only be boring but also unhealthy (because I tend to eat when I’m bored at home). So not wanting to go through the hassle of going back to any of my current employments: Fareway, Carousel, etc that would require me to set up a schedule etc and would have been too much hassle just for one week of work; I rather decided to post an ad on Craigslist offering to do some general labor: moving, lifting, etc as well as offering to do video and photography work as well. I was a little skeptical at first; we all know the stories about the “bad people” on Craigslist. Anyways, I quickly got a response from a nice woman who needed help with yard work and various moving. I went to her house and everything was legit, possibly some of the hardest most physically strenuous work I’ve done in my life for sure but for $10/hr I figured it was worth it. She asked me back the next day and the day after that totaling me in the end at $120, a nice stash of cash to bring back to the college with me (though to be totally honest I spent most of it while I was still at home). So bottom-line this entire story goes out to all those college students and college students in the future that your spring break/breaks in general don’t have to be boring and unfruitful.

Aside from working and making much needed money I had a lot of opportunities to hang out with some of my Sioux City friends which I greatly appreciated. My friend Jordan, who is soon to be married, let me stay overnight at his place just like we did all the time in the good-ole-days giving us time to reminisce. I got to go with him and his fiance and her friend (who I will be eternally grateful to) who took me out to see Insurgent with them.

Quinn, the one I mention in the My Life A Fan Fiction stories is always one of my go-to guys while I’m in town and we had a good time chilling together. We found ourselves at Perkins a lot (since it’s open 24/7 and we stay up pretty late) just talking and having a slice of pie. At one point we went down to South Sioux City where a friend from high school worked and messed with her until she got off. From this experience I got my first lottery ticket (I do not condone the buying of such items but I won a bet and it was pretty much bought for me) which got me some winnings of about $2.

Interesting story that goes along with what I was just talking about. After the whole lottery ordeal we went with this girl to Perkins where we sat down and snacked on pie while we all talked when in walked this guy, younger handsome looking possibly a college student, who sat a couple tables ahead of us all by himself and ordered some food. He noticed us conversing (which wasn’t hard we were kind of loud) and decided to watch us (very obviously) and listen in. We all noticed it except for Kayla (the girl with us) who was sitting with her back turned to the guy. Anyways he continued to stare which was freaking Quinn and I out and I even once looked over at him and smiled and nodded, very passively but nevertheless, and it did nothing the man did not look away. At one point I made a reference to Avatar: The Last Airbender (freaking love that series) which this guy picked up on and said, “dude you like last airbender? Nice!” and reached over to give me a high-five which I returned cause I’m just a nice guy like that. Anyways he got his food which he would eat a little of and then go back to watching us and once finished with his food left and paid without a goodbye. If you’re the guy and you’re reading this I’m not mad or anything but definitely hit me up in the comments and let me know what’s up.

The whole break had it’s ups and downs such as finding that someone had taken a dump in the Hamilton blvd McDonald’s urinal which was disgusting and if you did it and you’re reading this, dude that’s not funny it’s disgusting seriously. But thankfully the break had more ups than downs and that’s what’s important.

Breaking Win-ter Part 2

If you haven’t checked it out yet here’s a link to Breaking Win-ter Part 1 where you can get some background on my winter break activities. This is in fact the second half (as the title suggests) of my winter break adventures.



So aside from working all winter break I also got the chance to do some travelling such as what I described in Breaking Win-ter Part 1, where I traveled to Branson, Missouri. I was also given a second opportunity to travel with my girlfriend and her family to the ever-popular Minneapolis, Minnesota to visit the Mall of America.


We started the trip off with stopping at another mall where I mostly sat around waiting for the love of my life and her sister to finish their clothes shopping. We had a tasty lunch at a Chinese place in their food court and I managed to check out a cool gaming store with games from various systems, even some that you can’t buy anymore aside from used ones online: N64, Xbox, PS2, Gameboy (both advanced and color), etc. They also carried some other merchandise like figures as well as plush popular game and even anime characters.

Later, of course, we got around to the famous Mall of America which is just endless amounts of who knows what you’re going to find. At one point a group of the young adults on the trip (including myself, my girlfriend, and one of her cousins) as we headed towards the food court we came across a booth selling anime merchandise. Michelle(my girlfriend)’s cousin, like myself, is a huge anime fan and the second we saw it we were already rushing towards it with happiness streaming down our eyes in the form of tears. We were practically bawling our eyes out as we began looking through the chest of treasure we had discovered. The rest of the group rolled their eyes and sat on a nearby bench for 10 minutes while the two of us searched and re-searched this beauty before us. Finally they got sick of waiting and, grabbing our collars, pulled us away promising that we would come back to the booth. We did about an hour later, and myself and my girlfriend’s cousin continued our scouring the little shop for anything from our favorite anime. Of course they had the bigger names: Attack on Titan, Black Butler, Ouran High-School Host Club, Pokemon, etc. I proudly bought a pack of High School of the Dead Cards and a Charizard Key-Chain.


We continued on about our day and then the beginning of the next day until it was time for lunch. One of my girlfrend’s family members knew the area and the restaurants there better than the rest and suggested for lunch that we go to a place on the top floor, no not Hooters, a place known as Dick’s. Now I’ll say this the same way I said it to a professor when they asked how my break went and if I’d been “enlightened” to anything in the duration of it, I replied as such: I’ve been enlightened to the fact that there are people our there willing to pay good money to go to a restaurant whose theme is to treat their customers like crap by yelling at them, annoying them, or just being an ass**** (I learned recently that on television you can say ass but you can’t add the ‘hole’ part) to them. She looked puzzled and I told her how the waiters and waitresses essentially come around asking you “what the hell you want?” Shoot air into your face with a leaf blower, and occasionally shout obscenities. She laughed, and to be totally honest it was kind of fun (don’t take your kids though). The food was pretty good and my favorite part was at the end they make these hats out of tall pieces of paper (think the dunce hat but rather than a point it’s a cylinder) on which they would write funny and jokingly-offensive descriptions of the person they give it to. In fact I give kudos to the employees there for two reasons: 1. For being able to come up with the hats for people they’ve only known for about 20 minutes, and 2. It’s probably really tough getting tips from people your being paid to treat like crap. I wondered to myself during the meal if anyone has ever come in there not knowing the theme and left feeling incredibly offended, or worse made a huge deal out of it how embarrassing would that be.


A picture of my girlfriend and I wearing our hats.

In case it’s difficult to read mine says, “Puberty is my enemy.”

All in all it was an awesome trip and I had a ton of fun! I love Minnesota and who know, maybe I’ll live there someday! What are some benefits to living in Minnesota? Let me know in the comments!

Remembering Your To Do’s

As a college student there are a lot of things that I have to do in a day, and it’s tough to remember all the things to do in a day. Most students get a calendar or a planner to help them through their week but I have this annoying tendency to get one and never write and/or check on it regularly enough to keep up with things. So here’s my solution, consider this a college life hack if you will.


(Apologies for the crappy quality)

     One of the things that really really bugs me (and maybe I’m just ADD) is having an untitled document tab at the bottom of my screen. It annoys me, and I’m switching through tabs constantly so I look down there a lot. So what I do to remember my daily schedule is to annoy myself into remembering. I make a new Word document and leave it as an open tab on the bottom of my screen.

What I need to do

     I title the document so if I accidentally click on it I can quickly differentiate between it and my other homework etc. Then using a numbered list I list things out that I need to do in order of when I need to do them. If applicable I will add what class (or in the case of work, since I have multiple jobs, will say which job or even what I need to do at the job) and also; I might add when the work, homework, assignment, etc is due.


Hey everyone I just want to apologize for not posting anything these last few days. I’ve been on fall break so I got to go home and catch up with family and a couple friends so I was pretty busy and wasn’t able to post, but I want to say that I will be right back on my daily posts so thank you all for your patience.

     To say thank you for all your patience here’s a hilarious video a friend of mine showed me while I was on break so feel free to check it out! Hope you all enjoy.


Banned Deck Commercial

HVZ: Weapons To Avoid

First off I’d suggest avoiding all the NERF guns that are labelled up as “Zombie” guns as well as the ones that fire the disks or any of them based of bows and arrows these are all either excessively expensive or useless.

Anything Under $10


     Unless you manage to get a Maverick or Strongarm for under $10 (unless you get the Firestrike for emergencies because that one is semi-decent) is a bad idea. The only reason you should ever get one of these is for emergencies when you can pull another gun out faster than you can reload the one that should already be in you hand. If the previously mentioned is the case you should be able to use a backup Strongarm or Maverick.

Multi-dart & Shotgun Based



     Guns that fire more than one bullet at the same time, such as the Rough Cut 2X4, are just a bad idea as far as HVZ goes. With the Rough Cut the gun simply fires two darts at once, they don’t branch out or anything fancy: pointless. As for guns with a shotgun-like effect that seems like it would be a good idea, are not! They simply fire all over the place and make a mess that you as a human don’t have time to pick up.

Anything Bow-Like

Crossfire Bow


     These are so cool, but sadly in HVZ there’s just no point. They are annoying to have to reload and cock and are kind of expensive in the end.

Rifles & Snipe Rifles



     Though it makes for a great sniper rifle if you are playing NERF battles with your friends the gun isn’t very useful in a fast-paced game like HVZ. The gun might have good range but you have to cock it form the top which is totally counter-strategic.

Final Thoughts:

     Bottom-line use your head, if it seems like a bad idea it probably is. Think strategically, for instance, automatic weapons have situations where it’s a good idea, but there are times when they can be a bad idea plus they tend to use a lot of bullets. Revolvers and socks are probably you’re best bet for any situation, but prepare for each mission rather than just going with the same stuff every time.

Liberty Hall Collective


Liberty Hall Collective

     So I have mentioned several times that I am in fact a college student which is great, aside from the cost of course. One of the things I love about college is the ability to connect with people from different areas of study, in my case my roommate is part of an awesome band called: Liberty Hall Collective. They’ve recorded an album so far and are working on a second one. The band is an indie pop rock band, but they are pretty diverse in their music so there’s a little bit of something for everyone. I definitely recommend checking them out on Bandcamp at: LibertyHallCollective.Bandcamp.com/

What is HVZ


Humans VS Zombies

How It Works:

     For those of you who don’t know HVZ is a campus-wide game of tag, usually played (but not limited to) colleges. There are two teams: zombies and humans. It is the zombies team to successfully tag as many humans as they can, and it is the humans goal to survive without being tagged for as long as possible as well as complete as many missions as possible before the end of the game. The zombies simply have to tag a human and that human becomes a zombie, the humans on the other hand are allowed Nerf guns or other foam blasters (and depending on the rules you have even foam handheld weapons) as well as rolled up socks to defend themselves from the oncoming hoards.

In The Beginning:

     At the start of the game there is an OZ or “original zombie” who is disguised as a human and can carry guns etc to fulfill the disguise, their goal is to tag as many humans (thus turning them into zombies) as possible within the time limit they have been given. These will be the first zombies.


     Missions are given by the moderators to both humans and zombies. Many of the missions are usually given to the humans and the zombies are simply told to keep the humans from accomplishing the objective, but you really never know. I’ve had several missions given to me, during games when I was a zombie, that were specifically made for zombies only.

The Moderators:

     The Moderators are the people in charge of the game, they create the game, the rules, the missions; and make sure it runs smoothly. They are capable of determining who lives and dies….and comes back, as well as whether or not missions have been completed; think of them as the HVZ gods and be nice to them they’ve worked hard to make sure you have fun.


     Typically HVZ is played with NERF guns (and other foam blasters) as well as rolled up socks. Sometimes though humans (and even zombies) can wield NERF weaponry which can even include hand-to-hand weapons. It all depends on what you’re moderators decide on.

Check Out The Official Site:

     I’ve only lightly tapped the amazing awesomeness that can be HVZ so for more details check out the official site: HumansvsZombies.org and to see if there are games going on in your area go to HVZSource.com

Student Reviews

Student reviews are pretty brutal, it forces you to become a traitor to your fellow student, putting them at the mercy of your self-grading of their work. I understand the point of the reviews; weeding out those who were supposed to participate with the team and didn’t do their share. To have to grade your own friends though, your allies, the ones who you laughed and truly struggled with during the long journey of battling your way through that final project, it’s barbaric! That’s all I wanted to say.