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Star Wars Battlefront Update!


Finally we have some official news on the Star Wars Battlefront game to be debuted this April at the Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, California. I am super excited for this! As many of you may know I am a huge Star Wars Battlefront fan and if there was one video game to represent my life it would be Star Wars Battlefront II. The game was a huge part of my childhood and teenage years so to see them bringing it back is a huge excitement for me. Check out the full article here at Gamespot.com, check out the teaser trailer showing the creators of the game and what they did to put it together, and feel free to comment about how excited you are for the new game.

Star Wars Episode VII AND MORE!!!

Star wars

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens

     It’s finally finished! Star Wars Episode VII, on of the most waited for sequels of all time, has officially finished filming. Obviously it’s not going to be released yet that’s being saved for next year, but knowing that this kind of progress is finally underway is so exciting!

     I know it’s still a big controversy on whether or not it will be good, we’re just not going to know until it comes out. And then there have been all the leaks, like the picture of a dismembered hand leading to the likeliness of the Luke Skywalker cloning storyline. The cast being brought back, etc etc. Basically, I’m excited!

     Aside from the movie I’m looking forward to seeing all the other shows, games, etc that inspire to the new movie being released. Star Wars Rebels, the new Disney animated series about a group of rebels being led by the Jedi Canaan, has already begun and as I stated before in a previous post has a possible connection to Episode VII. Seth Green is working on a series that was supposed to be released sooner (in 2013) but they put it off due to the new movie, but that doesn’t mean they quit on it and it was announced that it would be released eventually.


     If you want to check out some of the teasers and trailers for Star Wars Detour (which I really suggest you do because it’s hilarious) just check out these links:

Star Wars Detours: Official Trailer

Star Wars Detours: Extrait #1

Star Wars Detours: Extrait #2

Star Wars Detours: Extrait #3

Star Wars Detours: Extrait #4

     What about games though!? Well great news for all you gamers out there! Currently in the making are TWO Star Wars based games that I’ve seen announced so far.

1. Free-World Star Wars Game:

     The name has been unreleased as of yet, but a game creation company in Canada has recently announced their work on a free-world Star Wars game! Whether it be RPG related I don’t know but nevertheless I’m excited. Check out this article on it for further information!


     ALso, and this is news I’m SOOOOOO excited about, and that is Star Wars Battlefront reboot!!!! My favorite games of all time are Dead Rising, Batman: Arkham City, and Star Wars Batllefront 2. Originally Battlefront 3 was expected to come out a long time ago but the company stopped production because of their focus on the Star Wars The Force Unleashed franchise (not sure what they were thinking there), but they have finally decided to get back to the amazing gaming franchise that is Star Wars Battlefront. Once again (and this was very recent) the game was leaked to come out again and was again cancelled. But now we have another company who plans to reboot Star Wars Batllefront!

     To read about the recent cancellation look here:

IGN.com/Cancelled Star Wars Batllefront III

     To see the available information on the reboot look here:

IGN.com/Star Wars Battlefront