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Chapter 4: City of the Dead

“You killed him!” I attempt to hide my shouting under a harsh raspy whisper.

“He rushed me!” Caleb Replies. “Plus don’t you notice?”

“Notice what?”

“There’s no blood,” I slowly look down to view the headless corpse at my feet and realize he’s right, not a drop of blood flows from the body. The head rests face down on the beings back and is still moving in a strange repeating motion. I kick it and it rolls onto the ground. My eyes meet with a horrifying sight as the dull, blank eyes stare back at me and the mouth chomps at me.

“Ahhhh!” I shout jumping back. Caleb drops his knife into its head and it ceases movement. “What the Azorack!”

“It’s undead,” Caleb states emotionlessly and looks up to the rest of the village. “Look.” I tilt my head up and stare in horror to see about a hundred more silently dragging themselves towards us. Caleb and I back away slowly until we find our backs touching the door to the city.

“Hey! What’s going on in there?” Ben’s muffled voice shouts from behind the blockage.

“We figured out why the whole town is so quiet,” I shout in reply looking in every direction for a way out but the truth is that Caleb and I are surrounded.

“Well maybe you could open the door?” Ben shouts back. Oh yeah I totally forgot about that. I look to my left and see a tower stretching up to the top of the wall. Some rops stretched out to the door and a mechanical crank of some kind inside.

“Caleb can you get to the tower?” I ask nervously. But as I turn to look at the rogue he’s already gone. I look the back to the tower where he is already halfway up. I sigh with relief but suck it back in when I look to my front to find the zombies only 10 feet away. I calm my mind and pull out a small booklet from my cloak: my spellbook. I quickly open it up and flip through the nicely organized pages finding the spell I desire.

“Kukaires Nunda!” I say and a wave of invisible energy flies out pushing back the undead and knocking them to the ground. Suddenly the door behind me flies open. Caleb finally made it, and just in time too, the zombies are already picking themselves off the ground. Ben leaps inside and rushes the nearest undead swinging his massive battle axe splitting the monster’s body in half. Michael follows close behind his sword drawn. With every swing of his blade a head flies landing yards away from the rest of the body. A zombie manages its way through the chaos only to receive an arrow to the head by Caleb from the wall. I stand behind by the door and hold out my hand palm-up to a monster.

“Krecootus!” I shout and the creature bursts into hundreds of fleshy bits. I turn to a small group, “Hinobus Ignata!” A fireball leaps from my hand and crashes into the dead igniting them and leaving piles of ashes where they stood within seconds. I take a look around to see the carnage before us yet looking back up the zombies keep on coming. I rush to Ben’s side and narrowly dodge an axe swing as he obliterates the monster in front of him.

“Oh sorry bro, what’s up?” He shouts above the sounds of battle.

“We’re not making a lot of progress!” I shout back. “They keep coming!”

“It’s ok I have plenty more energy!”

“Sure but Caleb will run out of arrows and I’m almost out of Mana!”

“No worries Michael and I can take the rest!”

“But they’re not stopping!”

“Well they have to run out eventually,” Ben slices a zombie in half from the top down and pauses, his axe in the ground, trying to catch his breath. “Alright you’re right I’m getting tired but what can we do?” He picks his axe back up and knocks another zombie to the ground before smashing the head under his weapon.

“There has to be someone or something causing these zombies to spawn!” I explain.

“Alright tell me more!” Ben shouts in exhaustion.

“Ok but we need to take cover!” I look around for somewhere to get away from the dead. About four houses down is a watch tower standing high over the city lined with stone and about six-stories high. Perfect. Michael suddenly appears behind me slowly being pushed back by the onslaught of undead hordes. “Oblitiere,” I shout and three zombies heads implode into nothingness allowing Michael to turn away and look at us.

“What’s the plan?” He asks.

“Follow me!” I shout I’m about to look back to see Caleb’s situation when suddenly an arrow buries itself into a nearby undead, a piece of paper hanging from the shaft. I shout a spell that rips the note from the projectile and lands in my hand.

“Out of arrows, need to move!” the note reads. I look back to see zombies surrounding the structure where Caleb resides. The construction begins to waver as the fiends beat against it. Caleb leaps for the nearest roof and sprints towards us, his arms straight out behind him increasing his aerodynamics.

“Hikux Locasho,” I shout and push a bolt of light out of my hand straight towards the tower where it rests. Caleb sees the spectacle and adjusts his course towards it. “Let’s go!” I yell to my other two companions. I turn to the undead and before my two friends can swing their weapons shout, “Kucaires Pasem!” sending a bolt of high-velocity air straight out pushing the zombies out of the way and creating a perfect pathway to the tower.

Chapter 3: Between a Shop and a Hard Place

I feared the worst as I was jolted backwards and a voice yelled, “Get in!” I saw Caleb rush towards me but lowered his stick as he raced past me. Why wasn’t he helping me, I cringed as I looked up expecting the end when a familiar face greeted me; it was Ben. The door to the shop was being held open by Quinn who I suppose had managed to get Ben’s attention, and Caleb was rushing past as Ben pulled me by my jacket collar into his store. He let go once I passed the door’s threshold and collapsed letting the fear leave my body in long deep breaths. I could hear the door slam shut and a click as the lock was re-initiated, I sat up.

“Why didn’t you radio me!?” Ben asked his hands flailing around in frustration.

“What radio?” I was confused.

“The incredibly expensive walky-talky I got for this exact reason!” Ben continued to shout but I still sat there confused. “The one in the cabinet above the stove in the apartment, I set it on the right channel and everything so that you’d be able to contact me while I’m in here in case the doors are locked!” Suddenly it came to me, it was a part of the plan Ben had recently added that I had totally forgotten about. I’ll be the first to admit that I have a terrible memory, and Ben never shared the information with the others because it was a somewhat complicated piece of equipment that he didn’t want to waste time re-explaining to the other guys.

“Oh yeah,” was all I could manage. Ben sighed with frustration and went back to prepping the guns. I looked around the shop; cabinets, shelves, and drawers all opened to the fullest extent and most of them absolutely bare. Those that weren’t empty featured only a few wood-chippings or empty ammunition boxes. One shelf remained completely stocked though; it was the non-lethal section that held the pepper-spray and Tasers. I looked over at Ben who was leaned over the counter, the one he as an owner typically stood behind while running the store, which was totally covered in guns and boxes of ammunition. He would set a gun in front of him with a pack on ammo directly under the butt of the gun, then removing the clip he would fill the magazine with the ammo form the previously mentioned box until the box was either empty of the magazine was full, then slapping that clip back into the gun he would set it on the massive pile of other firearms he had already made it through and move onto the next one following the same process as before.

“So what’s the plan from here?” Caleb asked always being the curious one. He sat eagerly on a display case while Quinn looked through the various munitions testing the sights and weights of the guns.

“Hard to say since we don’t know where Michael is at.” Ben stated not even for a second taking his eyes off of his process. “We could just wait here for him to show up, that is hoping that he thinks to come here and not try to leave town with everyone else.”

“Where IS everyone else,” I asked finally getting up off the floor and moving my way towards Ben and his work.

“As soon as the news went out for the first time this morning there was a large but very brief panic. Families immediately left to find a safer place and to seek out other loved ones, while others took the opportunity to grab some free stuff and run.” Ben relayed the facts to us like Captain Ahab did when telling the crew how the great white whale stole his leg.

“Wait so if this all was happening this morning why didn’t you call us sooner.” I asked with a hint of annoyance about not being informed of a world-wide happening sooner.
“I was busy!” Ben states, setting the gun he was loading down and finally looking up from his work. “First there were a bunch of people rushing into my store to buy, and in some cases attempt to steal, my guns. I sold some stock and to quell the masses started handing out my backroom reserves of the non-lethal stuff hoping that would get them out so I could lock up and wait for you guys. It worked on some but others were smart enough to realize that pepper spray won’t hurt zombies and were pushy about getting a gun. I didn’t want to sell anymore because for one I was out of crappy stuff I didn’t mind getting rid of and also because money isn’t going to be very useful once everything goes to hell so I told the people to go bring me useful things like knives or food or else there would be no sale. This got rid of almost everyone but then I had to deal with some thieves.”

“How’d you do that?” Caleb asked innocently.

“Take a look out back behind the shop,” Ben chuckled.  Caleb winced wishing he hadn’t asked that question.

“Anyways that’s the gist of it now we need to decide what to do from here,” Ben states finishing the last of the guns in his pile. He also had another pile off to the side full of bows and arrows, and a small pile even further down on the cabinet of knives.

“Well the main thing is finding Michael,” I state in all seriousness. The others nod in agreement and stare at me waiting for more information. “We can’t contact him through cell phone and the internet is down as well.”

“Not that it would really help if we DID have internet,” Quinn chuckles. “Since Michael got rid of his iDentityBook account.” We all chuckled, Michael was very specific about his social media and which ones he would and wouldn’t use, iDentityBook was one nearly everyone in today’s society was using but Michael, possibly in an attempt to seem hipster, had chosen to stop using the tool.

“Wait,” Caleb hopped up and raised his finger to illustrate that an idea had entered his head. “He’s probably at the gym!” Everyone’s eyes lit up at the same time this was a really good point Michael was always working out, since it was practically his job, so where else would he be but at the gym. The gym was a big place and in fact was a big feature to the city we lived in, people from nearby towns and cities actually drove all the way down here to go there and work out because of the physical health programs they offered, the equipment, and the smoothie bar. The only issue for us was that it was a ways away, and judging by the occasional thud from the window we could easily guess that the zombies from earlier managed to make it to the shop and weren’t planning on leaving.

“Ok so we go check the gym, but how do we get out of here?” I ask looking to each person for answers.

“Well we can always take the back door to avoid the ones out front,” Ben says pointing to the back of his shop. “The only tough part is getting to a car without running into the zombies.”

“We have all the guns and ammo we could possibly need why is it such a problem?” Quinn asks speaking for the first time since we made it inside.

“Quinn makes a good point; we can go out the back door shoot down what’s immediately in our way and then take the car from there.” Ben planned. We all nodded and Ben started packing away his guns. “We only have to take what we need now and we’ll come back for the rest once we get Michael.” Ben stated strapping three holsters to his belt; two on each side and one in the back each carrying a handgun in each. Quinn loaded up with two shotguns slung across his chest and one in his hand making him look like a suburban Rambo. He was about to shove an extra handgun in his pocket when Ben stopped him and pointed out how he should be plenty prepared with what he was already carrying.

Caleb and I took a couple hand guns each which we both strapped to our ankles. I can only speak for myself but I hate being weighed down by guns, my forte is melee and that’s what I’ll stick with the guns are simply for emergencies. Once we were packed and Ben had grabbed a bag with some things he decided were a good idea to bring along we were set. Ben pulled out his keys and we lined up at the door waiting anxiously for him to twist the key and turn the knob releasing us into the unknown alleyway behind his shop knowing that there could be any number of zombies waiting for us on the other side.

“You guys ready?” Ben asks flirtatiously knowing how nervous we are. We each give him the “hurry up and just open it already” look before he chuckles to himself and opens the door.

My Top 10 Asian Foreign Films

I was hanging out with a buddy of mine last night, his name is Tyler and he is an international student from Korea. We don’t see each other often due to busy schedules on campus , but every now and then he’ll bust in my door and yell, “HEY SKYLER!” at the top of his lungs. Then we start discussing who knows what usually Tyler starts, and many of the things he’s told me about are simply fascinating. He’s been all over the world so I’ll ask him what it’s like back in Korean and he will tell me, and then follow up with a story about when he was in say Egypt it’s fascinating. Last night we got into a discussion about martial arts due to the fact that he has a black belt in Judo and I in Tae-Kwon Do. From there we started discussing martial arts films, now if there’s one thing America isn’t very good at it’s serious epic martial arts movies. Granted we have our Jackie Chan stuff, but in the end none of that compares to some of the incredible stuff made by China, Japan, and Korea. After showing each other a couple of our moves, though, Tyler and I started discussing other foreign movies, which gave me the idea to compile this list of my top ten Foreign Asian films (most of which are martial arts films)! Check it out!


                            10. War of the Arrows                              

War of the Arrows

This film follows the character Nam Yi who is the greatest archer in all of Korea, but he is forced to flee for his life when the Qing Dynasty sends in troops to attack his people. His sister is taken captive and he must go rescue her. If you like archery then you’ll love War of the Arrows.


Oh and the guy is so good he can curve his arrows!

9. Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen

Legend of the Fist

I don’t know a whole lot of Chinese actors but I can quickly recognize Donnie Yen if he’s in a movie. Donnie Yen is one of my favorite actors of all time and that will be reflected in a lot of this list. In Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen Chen Zhen gets shot down and is thought dead, seven years later he resurfaces as a masked vigilante. It’s got some cool martial arts scenes and of course if you’ve read some of my other articles you’ll know I love vigilante-ism.

8. Kung Fu Dunk

Kung Fu Dunk

I figured I should add a comedy in here somewhere. Kung Fu Dunk is about an orphan, Fang Shijie who is found in the garbage and raised by martial artists at an academy. He manages to get into basketball and because of the skills he developed at the academy becomes very good at basketball. It’s like Annie but with basketball and martial arts.

7. Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame

Detective Dee

So the original reason I wanted to see this movie is because when I ran across the trailer there’s a brief scene where one of the characters full-on side-kicks a deer (which you can see in the gif below). I’m seeing this and I’m like, what the heck I wanna know the context here! I watched it and it was a pretty cool movie, a martial arts meets Sherlock Holmes kind of thing with a side of fantasy elements. Check it out!

Detective Dee

6. Shaolin


If you look closely enough you might be able to notice differences in the martial arts styles in the movies. In Shaolin, since the whole movie is based on monks who are typically a peaceful group, it’s very easy to see. In Shaolin the warlord Hou Jie kills his rival but in the process loses everything he loves including his family. This leads him to join a nearby monastery of shoalin monks, learning their ways and changing his own in order to become a better man. But all doesn’t end well, warning: this movie has a sad ending.

5. Ip Man 2

Ip Man 2

Almost as good as the original, Ip Man 2 is a phenomenal martial arts experience. Ip Man moves to Hong Kong and sets up his own school to teach Wing Chun to anyone willing to learn, but times are tough and there are other groups not too fond of the man’s teachings. We also get to see a lot of interesting interaction between the Americans and Chinese of this time-period.

Ip Man 2

A little bit far-fetched but still really awesome!

 4. Ip Man

Ip Man

Obviously the original Ip Man is going to be before the sequel, though both were great movies. The form of martial art featured in this movie is called Wing Chun is incredible to watch in action. The movie follows the story of Ip Man during the time when the Japanese were invading China. Yip Man must protect his family and his people from the Chinese soldiers.



 3. The Raid

 The Raid

Possibly the most epic movie of all time, the only movie I could possibly rank above it is its sequel. The Raid follows an agent part of a S.W.A.T. team tasked with taking down a building run by a high-ranking drug lord. What happens inside, well, you’ll just have to watch it for yourself. And for those of you out there who hate reading subtitles, there IS an English dubbed version.

The Raid

One of my favorite moments of the raid (way more epic in context).

2. Let the Bullets Fly

Let the Bullets Fly

One of the first foreign Asian films I had ever seen, Let the Bullets Fly tells the tale of the bandit Pocky Zhang set in 1920s China. The bandit manages to shoot down a train car carrying an official who is about to start his work at a nearby town. Zhang takes him prisoner as well as takes his position but must deal with the towns crime-lord if he wants to make a profit of the situation. The movie features a really intriguing storyline with some comedy, some action, some sadness, and a decent amount of drama; all in all a fun movie to check out.

Let the Bullets Fly

Here’s a little chunk from the trailer.

The Raid 2

The Raid 2

As if the first movie wasn’t already almost too much epic to handle, the creators made a sequel that is even more mind blowing than the first. The movie continues on from where the last one left off so I’m not going to say a whole lot about the plot-line to avoid giving anything away but seriously it’s incredible. I managed to see it with my brother and it was so intense it had me sweating and on the edge of my seat the entire time.

The Raid 2

Breaking Win-ter Part 1

I want to start by apologizing to all my readers for not posting for 2 months, in my defense winter break has been pretty busy for me. One thing after another whether it be work, travelling, or just getting ready and jumping back into the college life it’s been a crazy but enjoyable time for me. SO I hope you can all forgive me.


Branson, Missouri

To start off with was Christmas. Now, rather than paying for us all to get various gifts, half of which we would’ve broken, lost, or thrown away mom decided to go a different route. She, about a month before, took a short vacation to Branson, Missouri where she went to one of those timeshare meetings. It was the classic scenario where the timeshare owners pay for you to come down and you have to sit through their meeting, whatever. Anyways, basic gist of it is that mom decided to get a timeshare down there and thus we used that as a week-long vacation which was plenty of fun.

After the long 8-hour drive and stopping one night in Springfield, Missouri we finally made it to Branson and got settled into our timeshare home. The home was lovely with a sailing/boat theme that influenced a lot of the décor. There was an old ships blueprint in one room, and various sailboat woodcarvings strewn throughout the living room. It was two stories and in the back was a deck facing out towards the many other houses designed almost exactly like the one we were staying in except for the color. We checked in at the main building which happened to have a Starbucks on the bottom floor which greatly excited my sister Mary and me. We rushed down in hopes of satisfying our caffeine craving only to find no one there. We walked in circles for 5 minutes or so before a woman walked out. We asked her about getting coffee and it turned out she worked the restaurant around the corner but proceeded to get the Starbucks woman from the back. I got a Mocha Frappuccino, while my sister got some other kind of Frappe, we took our first sips and were greatly disappointed, turns out (we overheard this before leaving) that the employee was new and had little experience being a Barista.


One thing I learned about Branson during this trip was there are a lot of shows, and the majority of them target older people. Many of the shows feature singing specifically country, folk, and classic rock which was something I wasn’t intensely looking forward. Thankfully, though, I was pleasantly surprised.


One of the several shows we attended was The Haygoods, a family of brothers and a sister who did an awesome mixture of comedy, music, and dance and was all in all a great show and would definitely recommend it. Check them out at their website: TheHaygoods.com.

Another was Pierce Arrow one of the longest running shows in Branson. They focus a lot on music with a comedy aspect on the side but honestly the comedy was the thing everyone left talking about, it was hilarious!


One of my favorite shows was The Sight and Sound Theater’s production of Jonah. I managed to catch their production of Noah while in New York and both of their shows have blown me away. The production company’s goal is to bring stories from the Bible to life on the stage and they do a phenomenal job, especially with their effects and the many exotic animals they have on hand. If you EVER have a chance to see one of their shows TAKE IT!

We also managed to catch one of the last showings of The Acrobats of China which was good. The positive side of the show was the acrobats themselves who were incredible, some of the feats they performed were mind blowing and very possibly inhumanly possible I kind of have to wonder. The negative side was that their audio equipment was falling apart, I suppose they played their music from a CD because there were a couple times when the music skipped or failed entirely as if there was a scratch in the disc playing it.

I was lucky enough to get to see The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies at the IMAX Theater which was a splendid fantasy treat for a huge geek like myself. Interestingly enough the screen was so big that the movie couldn’t even be projected to cover it because of the resolution etc (AKA the movie literally wasn’t made for a screen that big) but nevertheless it was still way cooler than seeing it at a typical movie theater (no offense to the Sioux City Carmike, I still love you).


We also hit some restaurants, some new and some I’ve never experienced. One of the new tastes I experienced was the Fall Creek Steak and Catfish House. Now I’ll be honest the catfish wasn’t great, I ordered the all-you-can-eat because I was starving and after the first breaded slab of fish (more breading than fish) I wasn’t really looking forward to another one. What really made the place worth going to was the rolls, not only were they delicious but they had a really interesting and cool way of serving it to you. Every 5-10 minutes a man would come out of the kitchen carrying a basket of rolls, if you want one you simply raise you hand and one will fly across the room and should you have reasonably good catching skills, it will land in your hand. Very fun and I managed to catch one from all the way across the restaurant which you ever go you’ll be able to see how epic that would be.

I also tried a Steak and Shake for the first time which was great, the burgers are pretty good and the shakes are as phenomenal as their prices, you could get a burger, fries, and a shake for close to $5 a way better alternative than going to McDonalds. One place I HAD tried before which I was excited to go to (since we don’t have one in either Sioux City where I live, nor Storm Lake where I go to school) is Fuddruckers. A phenomenal burger joint with massive food, good prices, and plenty of customization possibilities for your food. My dad says that if we were ever to buy a franchise it would be a Fuddruckers in Sioux City.


As far as shopping goes we went to an Outlet Mall which was alright, I discovered a place called Go! Calendars Games and Toys which I swear is going out of business because I ran into two of their stores in Branson and one later during winter break in Minnesota all of which were closing (and thus 50% off anything). Thanks to this store and the half-off prices i have started a new hobby which is collecting different versions of Monopoly, so far I have gotten Pokemon Monopoly (Kanto Edition), Nintendo Monopoly, and The Hobbit Monopoly (covers all 3 movies).

One of the coolest places (and the first thing we did after getting to Branson) we went to was Dick’s 5 & 10, an old style shop filled with random stuff. Everywhere you look there were geeky things, girly things, guy things, weird soaps and scented candles, old toys, new toys, games, hats and other costume things it was insane. I managed to buy one of those awesome horse masks you see all over the internet.


Above is a picture of myself and my sister wearing one.


Final section of my story is possibly one of my favorites. Of the museums we checked out there was the Ripley’s Believe it or Not which was very cool (and occasionally creepy but hey that’s the point). The Titanic Museum had a great setup where not only do you experience the ship and the operations inside and out before and after the making and destruction of the great ship, but you also go through as one of the people on-board and you get to learn what your job was etc and at the end find out whether you lived or died. My person sadly died but was a hero who worked till the end trying to radio for help. Also was a dinosaur museum that was kind of small and difficult to find and even remember the name of honestly, one of the only details I can even remember about the location was that across the street there is a building with a mural portraying a monster dude that kind of looks like Voldemort, but the museum was kind of fun to look around inside especially if you’re into dinosaurs like I am. But my all time favorite spot and favorite time on the whole trip was the Hollywood wax Museum, possibly one of the coolest attractions in all of Branson (in my opinion) and it definitely delivers.

Charlie Chaplin and me

They were so life-like! Here’s me with Charlie Chaplin!

 Final Words

Even though I originally thought that Branson was specifically targeting old people (which they kind of do) that by far does not mean there is a heck of a lot of stuff for us of the younger generation to do there and still have a good time in the process. One thing I will suggest though is bring some allergy medication because there’s something about the pine trees or something (I wasn’t listening very well) that can cause some nasty allergy stuff which hit me pretty hard, but just take some meds and you should be fine. Feel free to comment about your winter break or experiences you’ve had in Branson, Missouri.

HVZ: Weapons To Avoid

First off I’d suggest avoiding all the NERF guns that are labelled up as “Zombie” guns as well as the ones that fire the disks or any of them based of bows and arrows these are all either excessively expensive or useless.

Anything Under $10


     Unless you manage to get a Maverick or Strongarm for under $10 (unless you get the Firestrike for emergencies because that one is semi-decent) is a bad idea. The only reason you should ever get one of these is for emergencies when you can pull another gun out faster than you can reload the one that should already be in you hand. If the previously mentioned is the case you should be able to use a backup Strongarm or Maverick.

Multi-dart & Shotgun Based



     Guns that fire more than one bullet at the same time, such as the Rough Cut 2X4, are just a bad idea as far as HVZ goes. With the Rough Cut the gun simply fires two darts at once, they don’t branch out or anything fancy: pointless. As for guns with a shotgun-like effect that seems like it would be a good idea, are not! They simply fire all over the place and make a mess that you as a human don’t have time to pick up.

Anything Bow-Like

Crossfire Bow


     These are so cool, but sadly in HVZ there’s just no point. They are annoying to have to reload and cock and are kind of expensive in the end.

Rifles & Snipe Rifles



     Though it makes for a great sniper rifle if you are playing NERF battles with your friends the gun isn’t very useful in a fast-paced game like HVZ. The gun might have good range but you have to cock it form the top which is totally counter-strategic.

Final Thoughts:

     Bottom-line use your head, if it seems like a bad idea it probably is. Think strategically, for instance, automatic weapons have situations where it’s a good idea, but there are times when they can be a bad idea plus they tend to use a lot of bullets. Revolvers and socks are probably you’re best bet for any situation, but prepare for each mission rather than just going with the same stuff every time.