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Attack on Titan Tribute Game

So I recently discovered something amazing that apparently people already knew about so I’m somewhat upset that no one bothered to tell me about it but I’ll forgive all of you who knew. Anyways, I recently was researching when they were going to come out with an online MMORPG for Sword Art Online, one of my two favorite anime alongside Attack on Titan, and I wondered to myself what about Attack on Titan? I know there is a live-action movie in the making which is going to be sweet!

But what about a game!? I want to swing around on my gear swinging swords and slicing open the napes of titan’s necks and saving all of humanity! And what do you know but in my search I discovered this:

The Attack on Titan Tribute Game. The game was created by Feng Lee, a Chinese game designer. The game lets you play as various characters: Eren, Mikasa, Levi, Armin, Marco and more each with their own special ability. You can swing around cities and forests on your gear, kill titans, and even play multiplayer online. The game even lets you play as a titan or even titan Eren! You can even fight the female titan, which I have yet to beat. The game is incredibly well designed and even though it still has some graphics issues it’s incredibly fun to play and would definitely recommend checking it out!

To download the game check it out here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/vbm…

And to play the game online go here: http://fenglee.com/game/aog/

Have fun and feel free to comment about other anime-based games out there that you think are really cool so I can check them out! Don’t forget to follow Gorssky4Ever!

Breaking Win-ter Part 2

If you haven’t checked it out yet here’s a link to Breaking Win-ter Part 1 where you can get some background on my winter break activities. This is in fact the second half (as the title suggests) of my winter break adventures.



So aside from working all winter break I also got the chance to do some travelling such as what I described in Breaking Win-ter Part 1, where I traveled to Branson, Missouri. I was also given a second opportunity to travel with my girlfriend and her family to the ever-popular Minneapolis, Minnesota to visit the Mall of America.


We started the trip off with stopping at another mall where I mostly sat around waiting for the love of my life and her sister to finish their clothes shopping. We had a tasty lunch at a Chinese place in their food court and I managed to check out a cool gaming store with games from various systems, even some that you can’t buy anymore aside from used ones online: N64, Xbox, PS2, Gameboy (both advanced and color), etc. They also carried some other merchandise like figures as well as plush popular game and even anime characters.

Later, of course, we got around to the famous Mall of America which is just endless amounts of who knows what you’re going to find. At one point a group of the young adults on the trip (including myself, my girlfriend, and one of her cousins) as we headed towards the food court we came across a booth selling anime merchandise. Michelle(my girlfriend)’s cousin, like myself, is a huge anime fan and the second we saw it we were already rushing towards it with happiness streaming down our eyes in the form of tears. We were practically bawling our eyes out as we began looking through the chest of treasure we had discovered. The rest of the group rolled their eyes and sat on a nearby bench for 10 minutes while the two of us searched and re-searched this beauty before us. Finally they got sick of waiting and, grabbing our collars, pulled us away promising that we would come back to the booth. We did about an hour later, and myself and my girlfriend’s cousin continued our scouring the little shop for anything from our favorite anime. Of course they had the bigger names: Attack on Titan, Black Butler, Ouran High-School Host Club, Pokemon, etc. I proudly bought a pack of High School of the Dead Cards and a Charizard Key-Chain.


We continued on about our day and then the beginning of the next day until it was time for lunch. One of my girlfrend’s family members knew the area and the restaurants there better than the rest and suggested for lunch that we go to a place on the top floor, no not Hooters, a place known as Dick’s. Now I’ll say this the same way I said it to a professor when they asked how my break went and if I’d been “enlightened” to anything in the duration of it, I replied as such: I’ve been enlightened to the fact that there are people our there willing to pay good money to go to a restaurant whose theme is to treat their customers like crap by yelling at them, annoying them, or just being an ass**** (I learned recently that on television you can say ass but you can’t add the ‘hole’ part) to them. She looked puzzled and I told her how the waiters and waitresses essentially come around asking you “what the hell you want?” Shoot air into your face with a leaf blower, and occasionally shout obscenities. She laughed, and to be totally honest it was kind of fun (don’t take your kids though). The food was pretty good and my favorite part was at the end they make these hats out of tall pieces of paper (think the dunce hat but rather than a point it’s a cylinder) on which they would write funny and jokingly-offensive descriptions of the person they give it to. In fact I give kudos to the employees there for two reasons: 1. For being able to come up with the hats for people they’ve only known for about 20 minutes, and 2. It’s probably really tough getting tips from people your being paid to treat like crap. I wondered to myself during the meal if anyone has ever come in there not knowing the theme and left feeling incredibly offended, or worse made a huge deal out of it how embarrassing would that be.


A picture of my girlfriend and I wearing our hats.

In case it’s difficult to read mine says, “Puberty is my enemy.”

All in all it was an awesome trip and I had a ton of fun! I love Minnesota and who know, maybe I’ll live there someday! What are some benefits to living in Minnesota? Let me know in the comments!

A Certain Second Magical Index


So for many of you who saw my List of Favorite Anime you know that I love: A Certain Scientific Railgun; which, for those who don’t know, is a sister-series of the anime: A Certain Magical Index (also in my top 10). And just recently the second season of A Certain Magical Index dubbed was released. So for anyone out there who is interested in watching it (which I know I definitely am) here’s a link to where you can check it out (all 12 episodes I might add). Hope you all enjoy!

A Certain Magical Index Season II (Episode 1) Dubbed on Watchcartoononline.com

My Favorite Anime List #6-10

6. Angel Beats

Angel Beats

Such a sad yet beautiful anime I cry every time it gets to the ending I love it. Plus with the school theme to it, it spoke to me even more. The way I see it is that the things that happened to the characters in the story, are things that could be happening right now to anyone out there. The reality mixed with the fantasy high school was a perfect tear-jerker.

Description: A group of teens find themselves waking up in a purgatory-like high school setting. They have to figure out why they are there and whether or not they wish to move on, and what they need to do should they choose to move on.

7. Rosario + Vampire


Even though the humor is occasionally cheesy I loved the concept of the monster high school, as well as the romantic humor and the general ecchiness of the anime. I enjoy sexual humor as long as it doesn’t get too weird or uncomfortable, this anime manages to be within those boundaries.

Description: Tsukune Aono has never been the brightest student and things aren’t going well as far as getting into a good high school. Luckily, though, his dad finds a pamphlet for an academy that turns out will accept Tsukune and he is immediately signed up. Upon getting there he realizes that Yokai Academy is no ordinary school, but rather an academy for monsters (who disguise themselves as humans so they fit in) and even worse any human who is found at the academy is to be killed! Thankfully he befriends the beautiful Moka Akashiya, a vampire who’s abilities are sealed away in the rosario around her neck.

8. Is This a Zombie? Or: Kore Wa-Zombie-Desu Ka


I love the humor in this anime, similarly to Rosario + Vampire it has that Ecchi sense of humor that doesn’t bridge too far. It also follows a great storyline and the characters are awesome. I’ll be honest I love these kind of Harem anime.

Description: Is This a Zombie doesn’t follow a typical zombie show/movie story-line like High School of the Dead, instead the main character Ayumu is more like an undead superhuman able to use his entire body strength without limit. He wasn’t always like this though, in fact he would be an article in the Obituaries if it wasn’t for his new roommate: a necromancer from Hades Eucliwood Hellscythe who brought him back to life as the zombie he is now.

9. High School of the Dead


It’s kind of funny how my other favorite zombie anime is right underneath another. High School of the Dead is a much more serious zombie anime as opposed to Is This a Zombie. It gets pretty emotional at some points and is plenty dark which are both themes I love.
Description: HOTD follows a group of high school students as they escape from their recently zombie-infested school and survive as they try to find safety in a now zombie-infested world.

10. Baka and Test: Summon the Beast

Baka and Test

Just the concept of Baka and Test is enough to make me curious, it’s got almost a Pokemon meets high school feel with the whole battling your avatar through grades etc thing. Plus it’s hilarious.

Description: In a school where the higher ranking students have the nicest classrooms Class F tries to work their way to the top. The struggling students of Class F use their avatars to battle the students from the other classrooms, the winner takes the other classrooms stuff and the losers are left with the junk. Akihisa is what people can only describe as an idiot, but with the help of his misunderstood friends he pushes his way from Class F to the much desirable Class A.

My Favorite Anime List #1-5

1. Attack on Titan


As I mentioned in a previous post I just finished Attack on Titan dubbed which was phenomenal. The emotion it evoked was insane! I felt so many adrenaline rushes from just the anger I had towards the titans and the douche bag humans alike it was amazing the show did an amazing job at tugging at people’s hearts. I also loved how the giants aren’t the slow bumbling creatures we normally see (not that there’s anything wrong with those giants) but rather as normally functioning humans just with the thinking capabilities and actions of a predatory beast (except for the abnormals of course).

Description: Attack on Titan takes place in a reality where humans are forced to hide from and battle against giants known as titans, behind their walls.

2. A Certain Scientific Railgun

Certain Scientific Railgun

Ok so school life and superpowers, what could possibly be better! It’s my favorite genres for any anime and this one pulled it off perfectly with its humor yet serious depth in the story-line that left you with an emotional attachment to it. I loved how the Esper abilities all had a sense of science to it as well as how the characters find clever logical ways to use their powers.

Description: A Certain Scientific Railgun follows the life of Mikoto Misaka one of the highest ranking Espers (basically super-powered people) in Academy City in her life’s misadventures. She fights against the crime of the city alongside her friends both Espers and non, and at the same time just enjoys life and faces the little obstacles we can all relate to.

3. Shiki


I love darker anime especially the ones that evoke emotions, and this specific anime hit the nail on the head.

Description: It’s hard to go into much description of the anime without giving things away so I’ll just stick with the broad description. Essentially in the small village of Sotobamura, a population of only about 1,300 people, people start showing up dead; killed supposedly by some kind of virus…or something else. At the same time a very bizarre family moves into the big European-styled house up on the hill.

4. Sword Art Online


Similarly to Attack on Titan this anime evokes a lot of emotion. Differently from Attack on Titan though, Sword Art Online has more of a beautiful touching emotional experience to it as opposed to AOT’s darker more angry emotional evoking (both are great though).

Description: Sword Art Online is set in a variety of worlds based around Virtual Reality MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games) where people from around the world put on a fancy headset and battle in fantasy worlds. One day, though, the creator appears in the game and informs the players that they are now trapped in the game. Not only that but if one were to die in the game, they would also die in real life, the only way to live through it is to beat the game.

5. School Rumble 


I love School Rumble, it was one of the first anime I started watching and it’s been near the top of my favorites list ever since. I love the comedy that revolves around the show as well as the fact that the show tends to be really random yet still manages to follow a story-line.

Description: The high school lives of the various students at Yagami High School, specifically revolving around the love-triangle between Harima Tenma and Karasuma (the three “main” Characters).

Attack on Titan Dubbed Season 1 AWESOME!!!

AOTIMPORTANT: Don’t worry I won’t be giving any spoilers, I’ll mention characters but I’ll avoid spoilers.

Now I’m unsure if I mentioned before but I can’t watch subbed anime. I know everyone is probably booing me right now and I’m sorry. As much as I love Japan and the Japanese culture I just can’t connect to a subbed anime as much as I can with the English voices, it’s one of my flaws I know. Hopefully, though, we can put that behind us and all still be anime fans together and put aside our differences and preferences of dubbed or subbed.

Now that I’ve gotten past that whoever has stuck around to hear me talk about dubbed anime thank you. I just finished watching the incredibly well-written anime Attack on Titan. For those of you who haven’t heard of it I’d start to wonder why and how you’re hiding away from the world of anime while still being an anime fan, unless of course you”re someone with a new-found love for anime or you are still unsure about anime then I’d understand.

Anyways, Attack on Titan was phenomenal like seriously I don’t care if you watch it subbed or dubbed it’s amazing. The character of Eren Yeager was so well developed and just so furious. I’ve seen that sort of anger before in anime the kind that just let’s the character get back up no matter how many times they get knocked down. Normally I would find this annoying like seriously to keep knocking the character down over a series of 5-10 episodes and then he/she keeps getting back up, a little annoying. In AOT they really managed to pull it off though, just the emotion that the show planted inside of you. You feel the anger the characters feel towards the race of titans, the hatred they have for the creatures that have devoured their friends and family. It was beautiful but in a dark way that leaves you feeling disturbed, satisfied, and upset all at once.

I’m so excited for the second season which is expected to be released August of 2015, of course this will be the original release date for Japan, so we’ll have to wait about a year or so for it to be dubbed.