Flipping from Goodwill Part 1

Being the poor college student that I am I’ve always been searching for clever ways to make money that don’t require me to go too far or get a degree in anything I’m not already getting a degree in. One way that I like is flipping items that I buy from second hand stores such as Goodwill. It’s not quite that easy though. You could probably sell anything you find at a second-hand store online, but to actually make some decent money off of it is the tough part. Now obviously you can’t control what items you find at your local second-hand since things are constantly going in and out of them but it’s always good to know what to look for when you go right?


When you’re flipping always remember to bring your smartphone or something else that can get you on the internet to allow you access to see pricing on Amazon or Ebay (or even a place like Etsy) so you will know what is and isn’t valuable.

1. Games

Recently I went into a Goodwill with my smartphone and started to search the items I found that looked either antique-ish or brand new still in the box items. I searched and searched and eventually I discovered a section with some small classic handheld games.

Handheld games by Radica such as this one that are still in the box can bring in $20-$100+ on Ebay. I found this Bass Fishing one that was still in it’s package and can go for around $30, but there was a poker game I found that (were it still in the box) had the potential for being worth almost $100!

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Me and Work Part 3

As I was saying I wanted to work Dairy section at the grocery store I worked at, but getting there wasn’t easy or maybe it was honestly I had no idea! We had just gotten a new assistant manager who seemed really friendly and was a great guy but I didn’t know him well enough to just go up to him and ask for the position, and as for the main manager i was always intimidated by him which was weird because he was also a really nice guy who was always encouraging his employees to be better. So I waited, I waited for an opportunity and I kept working hard being the best employee I could be and let me tell you that hard work really pays off, sometimes not in the way you’d expect though because a week or two later one of our freezer part-timers left and the freezer manager was in need of someone to take his place. I was good friends with the freezer guy so i immediately without hesitation offered to take his place and there I was finally off the floor. Sure the freezer was really cold but i didn’t have to do as much since freezer didn’t go empty very often which meant if I was bored I could go hang out and help my floor friends with their work (by then though they would have done all the hard stuff) and on top of that if I ever wanted to I could still go hide in the freezer to get away from the hustle and grumpy customers. Yet, I still wanted that dairy section to be mine, and now that I was in freezer (which is right next to the dairy) it made me want it even more. To be continued…

Me and Work Part 2

Anyways, back to Fareway. This was the job that got me where I am today, I worked there for about 4 years or so now and I’ll be honest i liked it about as much as anyone might like a part-time job which is very little. I’m not trying to bash the company or anything I love Fareway, but I just never quite felt happy doing grocery, but I put up with it because i needed the money. Plus it’s where I’ve made many good friends and connections as well as felt a sense of accomplishment, it was where I worked my way up from the bottom. As I was starting to say in Part 1 I started as a regular floor guy. Now before I go any further i’d like to establish that there isn’t a whole lot of moving up in the ranks one can do in a grocery store because without the right education etc you’re probably not going to become a manager or even an assistant manager. A friend of mine who works at Hyvee (Fareway’s competition) told the story of his manager who actually grew up wanting to manage a Hyvee someday, and hey if that’s your dream you go for it. But as I was saying that wasn’t really an option for me the most you could do is get off the floor into a more specific position (e.x. dairy, freezer, produce, etc) and my eyes were set on Dairy section, a place where you get to stay cool all day and not have to deal with as many grumpy customers and employees you don’t like. It was my short-term dream, and I just needed to find a way to get there. To be continued….

Me and Work Part 1

So as a typical American young adult I know a decent amount about working. Currently I’ve worked about half-a-dozen different jobs in my lifetime. It started with helping my dad who is a contractor, some of the most boring or sucky work I’ve ever done. I helped him fix various things at people’s houses and apartments: leaky pipes, holes in walls, etc and also installing things like A/Cs and water heaters all pretty boring stuff and required me to either sit around handing my father the next tool he needed every 10-20 minutes, or carrying something (typically) heavy from the car into the house. At the same time I did a lot of mowing, and honestly as long as I was getting paid to do it I really didn’t mind. I started doing a weekly mowing job for my uncle that got me $20 a week and his lawn was really not all that big, I kind of felt bad like I was taking advantage of him or something. I still do this job during the summers. Sometime in 2010 I started working for a local grocery store, if you like in Iowa or the surrounding area you might recognize the name Fareway, great company they make really good fresh meat that they slice etc right in front of you as opposed to pre-packaging it like most other grocery stores do. Anyways this was the first professional job I ever had where I was on an actual payroll etc. I’m gonna stop this blog post here and move into a part two.

First Blog Post

Yeah I know the title is pretty bleh but I figure be direct, right? Anyways hi everyone my name is Skyler, and I figure everyone deserves to make their voice heard so here’s mine being expressed and i hope that the things I say might hit home with some people you never know. Possibly post some deep thoughts or even just some entertainment stuff. I love technology and going to/making movies so you never know maybe I do some movie reviews or even link some of the stuff I make. I understand that it can be kind of boring reading and listening to another person’s stories when we all have great one’s to share so feel free to comment back, say what you feel is needed to be said and hey i’ll be doing my best to get back to anyone who does.

The words and thoughts of the intriguing Skyler Gorsett on his walk through life from college and beyond.