Chapter 7: The Mouth of the Cave

Once Caleb had called his friend to “take charge” of the city in our absence, we finally got moving on with our quest. We made our way across the rocky plains of Galgorra where we discovered a strange looking cave. The scraggly rocks around it forming some kind of a mouth, and strangely enough the rock formations above seemed to look like a pair of massive squinting eyes looking down as if watching everything that entered its jaws.

“Well if that isn’t one of the scariest looking rocks I’ve ever seen!” Ben laughs looking up and into the eyes of the stone beast of a cave.

“Should we go inside?” I ask turning to the others.

“Do we have to?” Ben looked nervously inside. “Not a huge fan of caves to be honest.”

“What’s wrong with caves?” Caleb asks as he pushes past us and walks right on in without a care in the world. We hold our breath as he enters expecting the worst, but nothing happens. Caleb stands a few steps inside and turns to look at us awaiting us to follow. We slowly walk inside each of us quickly looking back and forth every step we take checking for traps or creatures that might be hiding inside the walls interior. Strangely enough there was light in the tunnel, a glowing yellow-orange light as if there were torches burning all along the way but there was nothing. The walls were bare but had a couple shadows here and there.

“Where is this light coming from?” Ben finally verbalizes the question on all of our minds. Since we have no idea we all shrug and continue down the tunnel in silence. The glow continues, not rising or dimming but simply continues with that ominous yellow-orange glimmer. Soon we reach a large open cavern stretching about 10-feet above us into a dome-shaped ceiling. Around the walls was the source of the mysterious lights, words and drawings carved into the rock that emanated some kind of magic allowing it to glow.

“Woah!” I state in awe as we walk into the center of the cavern and stare at the majestic work of art around us.

“What do they say?” Ben says leaning into a wall and putting his hand over the writing. I take a closer look and realize the text is in an unfamiliar language. I recognize the words but I cannot make out what they say. Suddenly Caleb takes a step closer and nods.

“Can you read this?” I ask surprised at the possibility. It’s not that I doubt the guy or anything but usually rogues aren’t very well-educated in scholarly things.

“It’s the ancient language of the dark elves; it would seem we’ve stumbled across an incredibly rare and powerful artifact.”

“You mean the writing?” Ben asks confusedly.

“No it’s located somewhere inside this cave.” Caleb looks around. “I don’t see any doorways though.”

“Well what does all this writing say?” I ask pleading with Caleb to reveal the secret.

“It’s a story,” he smiles. “Well more of a legend, I remember hearing pieces about it when I was a child. It’s from many centuries ago about a dark elf general known as Devanice.”

“Devanice!” Michael exclaims.

“You know of Devanice? Hah! Of course you would. Your grandfather’s grandfather…”

“Fought alongside of him in the Battle of Orvenhelm,” Michael grins. This is possibly the first time I’ve ever seen the man smile.

“But the treasure mentioned before,” Ben smiles nudging towards Caleb to explain more about the valuables possibly hidden inside this cave. Caleb smiles.

“To tell you where the treasure is without telling of the great General Devanice would be a great offense to my heritage and my people, even though I am a rogue I would not disrespect them in this way. On one side of the wall tells the story of Devanice, on the other the cave and how to get to the treasure, I will start with the story.”

Ben sits on the ground and sets down his axe that he has been carrying since we entered the cave. “Alright let’s get this over with.” He sighs and crosses his legs like an obedient child in school awaiting his teacher’s lesson.

Caleb takes a deep breathe before beginning to retell the tale of a man long since dead.

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