Chapter 3: Silent City

It’s been about a week of traveling since we left Quinn-Land and we have yet to see any civilization. We ran out of provisions about three days ago but thankfully Caleb has proven himself an exquisite hunter. We currently are making our way over a hill. As we reach the top our eyes grow wide in excitement. A village! And a large village at that! We feel our bodies rejuvenate with energy as we rush towards the town. Soon we’re at the front gates.

“Hello in there!” Ben shouts yet no one answers. “Wanna let us in?” But still nothing.

“Wait! Do you hear that?” Caleb places his head and hands against the doors and we all go totally silent. A thud can be heard from the other side, then another. I press my hand on the door alongside Caleb and can feel the light vibrations coming from the other side.

“What is that?” I ask confused and a little horrified.

“I don’t know, but we need to find another way inside,” Caleb takes a couple steps back looking up the wall trying to decide on a strategy.

“Michael would you please go around the east-side wall there and Ben could you go around the west and we can see if there’s another way in or a weak point we could take advantage of.” Michael grunts at receiving an order from the convict but complies.

It’s almost an hour before Michael and Ben make it all the way around and return to us.

“What’s the consensus?” Caleb asks them.

“Nothing on my side,” Ben sighs apologetically.

“Michael?” Caleb asks the quiet knight. Michael smiled.

“There’s a stable that reaches all the way up the side of the wall, we could climb up it and drop down inside.”

“Seriously? That’ll be perfect!” Ben shouts excitedly. Caleb nods and Michael leads us towards the stable. Within minutes we reach the rickety wooden horse-housing our gaze rising to the top of the stone wall with the peak of the roof just barely touching the battlement.

“That’s a long climb,” Ben says astonished at how tall the wall suddenly becomes when you realize that you’re going to have to climb it.

“Shouldn’t be too hard,” Caleb says taking off his hood and thrusting his cape out behind him before leaping onto the bottom of the roof in one jump.

“Why does a stable have to be so tall anyways? I mean horses aren’t that tall.” Ben, Michael, and I stare in amazement as Caleb quickly and effortlessly makes his way up the structure.

“So are you guys going up too? I’d feel a lot more comfortable with someone else with him.” I state looking at the other two.

“I’m good, not a big heights fan to be honest,” Ben chuckles.

“Do I look like someone that climbs walls?” Michael sarcastically replies. I roll my eyes and mumble to myself deciding that it’s up to me.

“Volobu!” I shout and begin to float into the air. I reach the top of the wall and call out one further spell, “Dessoru,” causing me to slowly land on the top of the wall.

“And that’s the power of magic,” Ben sings jabbing his elbow into Michaels armor and retracting it in pain. I look back just as Caleb leaps to my side. I turn back to look below us, houses line the cobblestone streets but not a person in sight. I look at my companion with a confused look and he returns it.

“What’s the consensus up there?” I turn to see Ben and Michael intently looking towards us.

“Um, not a whole lot to report on honestly, there’s no one here.” I shout back.

“Well how about the tow of you head over to the front gate and let us inside maybe?”

“Yeah you got it.” I look at Caleb and the two of us leap down to a nearby roof of a small cottage and slide down it onto the ground. We look around each corner and move silently from house to house hiding behind each wall ready for any danger that might be hiding and waiting to pop out at us. Nothing. We make out the door in the distance and notice a figure standing in front of it.

“What is he doing?” I whisper to my companion.

“I think he’s…bumping against the door.”

“Do you think he’s blind?” Caleb doesn’t respond and rather disappears around a corner and reappears a few feet behind the man. Suddenly the figure spins around to face him, as if the professional assassin was as noticeable as an amateur, and starts to rush the rogue. I rush to my friend’s side just as he pulls out his dagger and with a quick sweep of his arm the being drops to the ground and his head, totally separated from the rest of his body follows close behind.

One thought on “Chapter 3: Silent City”

  1. I know last chapter was a little slow and uneventful so I decided to add some mystery to this one. Next chapter will have plenty of action so prepare yourselves for that. Thanks for reading, and keep watch for next chapter!


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