Chapter 4: The Plan

Ben is the first to exit; being the most tactfully experienced it makes sense. Followed by him is Quinn, then Caleb, then myself. No zombies in sight. I figured the ones that had went for us and were hitting the door must have attracted the ones within hearing range to them so they were all in front. Focusing our hearing my theory was proven true, we could hear what sounded like a massive group around the corner still thumping on the window. Ben held up his hand, motioning to stop us, and turned to speak.

“Ok here’s the plan,” he whispered making sure to only be loud enough for all of us to hear him. “We should be able to sneak past them if we’re quiet enough, once we make it to the car I want Skyler and Caleb to get in first, Skyler you drive.”

“Why can’t I drive?” Caleb asks with a hint of whine.

“Caleb this isn’t the time,” Ben coughs attempting to cough down the frustration. “Skyler once you’re in the car start it.” Quinn hands me the key which I accept. “Once it starts that’ll make some noise which will obviously bring the zombie’s attention to us, so I’ll get in and Quinn you’ll get in last.”

“Why do I have to get in last!?” Quinn begs thinking about his potential fate if he doesn’t get in before the zombies get him.

“Because you’re the one with three shotguns giving you the ability to blow them all away if they get too close.” Ben reassures with a wink a smile as if almost jealous that Quinn will be the first to potentially take down some zombies. We readjust our line with Caleb and myself in front; my sword readied and he with a knife in his right hand held with the blade facing away and in the other a handgun cocked and ready. Quinn and Ben walked nearly back-to-back behind us Quinn facing towards what was about to be the large group of zombies, and Ben facing the other way ready to take any that might be coming from the other side. As we approached the corner we all took one last deep breath before Ben loudly whispered, “NOW!”

I took off speeding towards the front of the car my eyes and head quickly darting back and forth to each side checking to make sure there were no zombies in my immediate area. Behind me I could sense Caleb following my steps being as silent as possible and covering my back. Every part of me wanted to slow down and take a quick look around but I knew there was no time; my only focus needed to be starting this car.

As I came around the van I was thankful to see there were no zombies waiting to surprise me on the other side, I quickly opened the door and hopped in. Behind me the side door opened and I could hear Caleb breathing quickly partially from the run but mostly from the exhilaration. I reached out to close the door and cringed at the loud thud as it swung back into place. I had to look. I twisted my head around to include the passenger side window in my vision; a large group of zombies were mindlessly bumping into or slamming their arms against the shop, about four heard my door and turned around starting to head towards us. Quinn and Ben were still outside making their way around, I could see Quinn nudge Ben’s shoulder and motion so Ben would see the one’s starting to move towards the car.

I snapped out of my observance and turned back towards my job. I quickly slid the key into the ignition and the van quickly jumped to life, I jumped in my seat; things had been so quiet up until now, even the car door slamming wasn’t THAT loud, but the car booming upon startup was like a cannon going off. I quickly swung around to watch as every zombie began to awkwardly turn towards us, hungry intent clearly visible in what was left in their dull rolled back eyes. Ben and Quinn’s pace quickened and they were at the front of the car. Ben motioned for Quinn to wait till he had gotten in before swinging around and jumping into the car. Quinn slowly backed away as the zombies came closer and closer.

“What the heck is he doing?” Ben asked as he leapt over the front-seat divider. We watched as he stood outside the car, faced us, and giving us the thumbs-up.

“What the…” but that’s all I can get out of my mouth as Quinn quickly shoulders the two shotguns around his back and fired them both. It was a mixture of laughter and horror as Quinn flew backwards from the impact of two guns knocking him to the ground about 5 feet away. Ben and I barely stifled a laugh before we realize the danger Quinn is in. Looking back to the group of zombies we find ourselves fairly surprised, the number of still moving zombies was cut in half some of them literally cut in half from the shot. I busted out the door and Ben leapt back and pushed his way out the side one. As we rushed to Quinn’s side we could hear him moaning in pain.

“You dumbass,” Ben scoffed as he and I grabbed each of Quinn’s arms and started pulling him backwards back into the van.

“Uggghhhhh,” Quinn moaned as we lifted him in.

“Caleb! Drive the car!” I yell as we lay our wounded friend across the floor and get into our seats.

One thought on “Chapter 4: The Plan”

  1. Totally something Quinn would do, and then make us carry him around complaining about being in pain. I’d also like to point out that I am a very good driver and never let anyone tell you differently. Any semi-dangerous circumstances I’ve ever been in are only because of abnormal or naturally dangerous conditions and are not in any way me putting myself or anyone else, knowingly, in danger. Hope you all enjoy!


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