Breaking Win-ter Part 2

If you haven’t checked it out yet here’s a link to Breaking Win-ter Part 1 where you can get some background on my winter break activities. This is in fact the second half (as the title suggests) of my winter break adventures.



So aside from working all winter break I also got the chance to do some travelling such as what I described in Breaking Win-ter Part 1, where I traveled to Branson, Missouri. I was also given a second opportunity to travel with my girlfriend and her family to the ever-popular Minneapolis, Minnesota to visit the Mall of America.


We started the trip off with stopping at another mall where I mostly sat around waiting for the love of my life and her sister to finish their clothes shopping. We had a tasty lunch at a Chinese place in their food court and I managed to check out a cool gaming store with games from various systems, even some that you can’t buy anymore aside from used ones online: N64, Xbox, PS2, Gameboy (both advanced and color), etc. They also carried some other merchandise like figures as well as plush popular game and even anime characters.

Later, of course, we got around to the famous Mall of America which is just endless amounts of who knows what you’re going to find. At one point a group of the young adults on the trip (including myself, my girlfriend, and one of her cousins) as we headed towards the food court we came across a booth selling anime merchandise. Michelle(my girlfriend)’s cousin, like myself, is a huge anime fan and the second we saw it we were already rushing towards it with happiness streaming down our eyes in the form of tears. We were practically bawling our eyes out as we began looking through the chest of treasure we had discovered. The rest of the group rolled their eyes and sat on a nearby bench for 10 minutes while the two of us searched and re-searched this beauty before us. Finally they got sick of waiting and, grabbing our collars, pulled us away promising that we would come back to the booth. We did about an hour later, and myself and my girlfriend’s cousin continued our scouring the little shop for anything from our favorite anime. Of course they had the bigger names: Attack on Titan, Black Butler, Ouran High-School Host Club, Pokemon, etc. I proudly bought a pack of High School of the Dead Cards and a Charizard Key-Chain.


We continued on about our day and then the beginning of the next day until it was time for lunch. One of my girlfrend’s family members knew the area and the restaurants there better than the rest and suggested for lunch that we go to a place on the top floor, no not Hooters, a place known as Dick’s. Now I’ll say this the same way I said it to a professor when they asked how my break went and if I’d been “enlightened” to anything in the duration of it, I replied as such: I’ve been enlightened to the fact that there are people our there willing to pay good money to go to a restaurant whose theme is to treat their customers like crap by yelling at them, annoying them, or just being an ass**** (I learned recently that on television you can say ass but you can’t add the ‘hole’ part) to them. She looked puzzled and I told her how the waiters and waitresses essentially come around asking you “what the hell you want?” Shoot air into your face with a leaf blower, and occasionally shout obscenities. She laughed, and to be totally honest it was kind of fun (don’t take your kids though). The food was pretty good and my favorite part was at the end they make these hats out of tall pieces of paper (think the dunce hat but rather than a point it’s a cylinder) on which they would write funny and jokingly-offensive descriptions of the person they give it to. In fact I give kudos to the employees there for two reasons: 1. For being able to come up with the hats for people they’ve only known for about 20 minutes, and 2. It’s probably really tough getting tips from people your being paid to treat like crap. I wondered to myself during the meal if anyone has ever come in there not knowing the theme and left feeling incredibly offended, or worse made a huge deal out of it how embarrassing would that be.


A picture of my girlfriend and I wearing our hats.

In case it’s difficult to read mine says, “Puberty is my enemy.”

All in all it was an awesome trip and I had a ton of fun! I love Minnesota and who know, maybe I’ll live there someday! What are some benefits to living in Minnesota? Let me know in the comments!

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