One Ah-Ah-Ah, Two Ah-Ah-Ah

     Once upon a time back in high school (always wanted to say that). Anyways, back in high school we had a tradition (one that a lot of schools these days have) of having the seniors go on a trip either out of the state (in my case Iowa) or even out of the country (sadly we didn’t get that lucky). For our trip we got to go to the great and incredibly busy state of New York (and also got a quick taste of Pennsylvania too). Now in New York, in the busier areas such as Times Square, there are people that will dress up as various characters including superheroes and other various movie and television based characters. These people aren’t doing this for free obviously, they want you to ask to take a picture of it and then ask for a tip afterwards. I knew about this but I had plenty of spending cash at the time so I figured hey I’m going to find a character I like and get a picture with him .Now as you know if you’ve read any of my other blog posts you can tell I like superheroes, so I got pretty excited when I saw someone dressed as Spiderman!

Spiderman and Me

     I saw this fellow and decided he would be the one, my first, I was going to get a picture with this person. So I walked over to him and he turned around and encouraged me to come over. I pushed my phone into the hands of a friend and told him to take the picture as soon as I was in position. He began preparing while I rushed over and put my arm around this unknown figure dressed as my Marvel hero.

     “Alright whenever you’re ready!” I yelled to my friend. He snapped the picture and brought it over for me to check. “Looks good,” I said and then turned to the red and blue figure next to me who I knew was waiting for his tip (here comes the punch line). I turned to him and asked, “how much do you want?” and to my surprise a voice featuring an eastern European accent that sounded exactly like the count from Sesame Street that said (Read in accent), “oh won, too, tree dollars it does not matter.” I was forced to hide my chuckling as I reached into my wallet and pulled out a few dollars. and handed them to him which he stuffed into the bag (that you can barely see in the picture) and he went on his way.

     So the moral of this story, you never know who might be under that mask or, in this case, in that costume.

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