Remembering Your To Do’s

As a college student there are a lot of things that I have to do in a day, and it’s tough to remember all the things to do in a day. Most students get a calendar or a planner to help them through their week but I have this annoying tendency to get one and never write and/or check on it regularly enough to keep up with things. So here’s my solution, consider this a college life hack if you will.


(Apologies for the crappy quality)

     One of the things that really really bugs me (and maybe I’m just ADD) is having an untitled document tab at the bottom of my screen. It annoys me, and I’m switching through tabs constantly so I look down there a lot. So what I do to remember my daily schedule is to annoy myself into remembering. I make a new Word document and leave it as an open tab on the bottom of my screen.

What I need to do

     I title the document so if I accidentally click on it I can quickly differentiate between it and my other homework etc. Then using a numbered list I list things out that I need to do in order of when I need to do them. If applicable I will add what class (or in the case of work, since I have multiple jobs, will say which job or even what I need to do at the job) and also; I might add when the work, homework, assignment, etc is due.

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