The Big Black Friday

Big Black Friday

     Who’s ready for The Big, Black, Friday! It’s November 2014 and Thanksgiving is almost here and one of the famous quotes that relates is: “America, the country where we trample each other over sales right after celebrating being thankful.” It’s true we have Thanksgiving Day and immediately afterwards we go full attack-mode and fight over a Bluray marked down to a couple bucks. I have partaken in the pseudo-holiday that is Black Friday so know that I’m not hating on anyone that participates in Black Friday or the sales and deals that come with it.

     Right now I’m currently awaiting the release of the Black Friday ads which I typically get from this site: but sadly they have yet to be leaked or released, I will keep you all updated.

     My friends and I, since about three years ago, started a tradition of going Black Friday shopping. We would meet at one of the guys’ house and leave at about 8PM (or whenever the deals start, which seems to be getting sooner and sooner every year) and make a game-plan of which stores we wanted to hit and which deals we were going to go for. We do our best to try to help each other as much as possible; if Mike wants that flat-screen TV for $100 at Target, then we all swarm that and if one person grabs it they hand it off to Mike so he can get that item he was hoping for.

     It’s a dangerous holiday activity and one of the big things we look forward to every year are the videos that birth from the hectic nature of Black Friday. It tends to piss me off when I see someone getting video of a fight at a store and all the police/guards are focused on is the guy with the camera, because for some reason it is illegal to record video in many of the stores. What I understand is that you ARE legally allowed to film in public places which can include retail stores, the issue is that you ARE NOT allowed if the store has a no-photography sign posted in the front of the store which typically Wal-Mart typically has. If you ARE thinking about filming during this Black Friday check out the rules of filming in public here: ACLUPA.organd feel free to share if you do!

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