Couples Costume!

As I said in an earlier post my girlfriend and I had a secret and really cute couples costume prepared for the Halloween party at our campus, and here it is!


Red and his Pikachu!

     Yep, we took our Pokefandom to a whole other level and went as Red (not Ash) and his Pikachu. We had a lot of fun and made it to the finals of the couples costume contest (we didn’t win but it was so much fun anyways).

     Also, the costumes were entirely homemade. My girlfriend wore a yellow dress with black and the ears were made by taking bunny ears and sewing yellow fabric we bought at Wal-Mart over it. She then took black sharpie and colored the tips. There was also a tail (you can’t see it in the picture) that she made in a similar way to the ears but rather than using bunny ears she took a set of wings for a fairy costume and cut them to look like a zig-zagging tail. Then put on makeup, lipstick, and eyeliner to give her that sassy female Pikachu look.

     My costume on the other hand was a bit easier to make. I simply took a black shirt which I wore underneath and then cut a white and red shirt down the middle and sewed the two together. Blue jeans on the bottom, easy enough. Then there’s the hat which I made simply using a red sharpie and sketching out the symbol on the front before-hand. The pokeball was made with a Styrofoam ball and black and red sharpie. Then I wore my beloved finger-less gloves, and I was set.

     I hope everyone had a great Halloween and I can’t wait for next year (already starting to plan the costume for that year!). Don’t forget to share what you did and how you got dressed up. Thanks everyone!

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