I Can Feel Myself Still Moving Even Though I’m Sitting Down

I am writing this post on about one hour of sleep. Being the filmmaking-enthusiast I am I am currently taking the Advanced Digital Video course at the college I’m attending (Buena Vista University), and was assigned a documentary which we had about 2 weeks to make. I already had an idea of my topic and who my partner would be so starting up wasn’t too hard. The tough part was getting started in general, see we were allotted less time for this documentary than most other assignments as well as the fact that the entire first week of the project was during Homecoming week so my partner and I were already dealing with very busy schedules. On top of that the editing suite at the college was having issues and had to be practically reset. Once Homecoming was out of the way though we were free to get started on that documentary. We got the interviews and some B-roll and the editing suite was back online and we were off to a great start, in fact, we were almost done. One thing I’ve learned about making videos in college though (and this applies for high school too) is that everyone’s schedule is different and sometimes you want (or NEED) to film something one day to get the project done, and your subject or something very important to the scene just isn’t cooperating. To make a long story short we found ourselves doing all the editing the night before the video was due, to add to this was the fact that everyone else in the class had to work on theirs as well (I’m not complaining they had fair game) and we only have two editing suites. Thankfully our classmates are all really cool people and were willing to share with each other even if it meant staying up later, for my partner and I it meant staying up all night…literally.

As I mentioned at the beginning I am literally writing this blog on about 1-hour of sleep, and I’m amazed at how few mistakes I’ve made (or rather haven’t made). I’ve never done this no-sleep thing before and it feels really weird, allow me to describe. I feel VERY awake, as strange as that might sound it’s true. I’m sitting in an 8 o’clock which I’m normally dragging myself out of bed for (not that I don’t like learning about web design which is what the class is about, I’m actually really liking this class) but today I feel like I am in-taking information way better than I normally would, sadly though the main thing that’s going on through my mind is that sleep would probably feel really good right now. I don’t feel like I’m going to nod off during class. One other thing I’m noticing is that my hands are just a tiny bit shaky, like it’s more something that I can feel rather than something I can visually see. As for vision everything is clear there’s no blurriness and my eyes aren’t drooping down, on the other hand, when I look at something else my eyes quickly dart to that subject as if hyped up on caffeine or something. To add to that there’s a dull pain in the back of my head, kind of like a tiny headache that comes and goes every time I make a movement above my shoulders.

AAAHHHH! I just discovered that it’s a very bad idea to play with my eyelids, letting any air in immediately dries up my eyes leaving me blinking like crazy and with a nasty sting. Breathing feels normal but at the same time I feel like at any moment everything is just going to explode…or maybe implode I’m not entirely sure but I’m hoping neither happens. As the title suggests i can have my feet solidly planted on the ground but it still feels like I’m floating forward, similar to the feeling you feel when you run on a treadmill for awhile and then get off and it feels like you’re still moving.

I hope my ecstatic and random description of myself on one hour of sleep, I know it’s weird but I’m hoping someone out there found it entertaining.

One thought on “I Can Feel Myself Still Moving Even Though I’m Sitting Down”

  1. I take back what i said about being able to take in information really well, that has apparently gone away and now I’m left with something rather unpleasant that is very similar to what a zombie feels like when it gets stuck walking into a wall or other obstacle that it’s not intelligent enough to get past. The struggle is real!!!!


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