HVZ: Weapons To Avoid

First off I’d suggest avoiding all the NERF guns that are labelled up as “Zombie” guns as well as the ones that fire the disks or any of them based of bows and arrows these are all either excessively expensive or useless.

Anything Under $10


     Unless you manage to get a Maverick or Strongarm for under $10 (unless you get the Firestrike for emergencies because that one is semi-decent) is a bad idea. The only reason you should ever get one of these is for emergencies when you can pull another gun out faster than you can reload the one that should already be in you hand. If the previously mentioned is the case you should be able to use a backup Strongarm or Maverick.

Multi-dart & Shotgun Based



     Guns that fire more than one bullet at the same time, such as the Rough Cut 2X4, are just a bad idea as far as HVZ goes. With the Rough Cut the gun simply fires two darts at once, they don’t branch out or anything fancy: pointless. As for guns with a shotgun-like effect that seems like it would be a good idea, are not! They simply fire all over the place and make a mess that you as a human don’t have time to pick up.

Anything Bow-Like

Crossfire Bow


     These are so cool, but sadly in HVZ there’s just no point. They are annoying to have to reload and cock and are kind of expensive in the end.

Rifles & Snipe Rifles



     Though it makes for a great sniper rifle if you are playing NERF battles with your friends the gun isn’t very useful in a fast-paced game like HVZ. The gun might have good range but you have to cock it form the top which is totally counter-strategic.

Final Thoughts:

     Bottom-line use your head, if it seems like a bad idea it probably is. Think strategically, for instance, automatic weapons have situations where it’s a good idea, but there are times when they can be a bad idea plus they tend to use a lot of bullets. Revolvers and socks are probably you’re best bet for any situation, but prepare for each mission rather than just going with the same stuff every time.

4 thoughts on “HVZ: Weapons To Avoid”

    1. Well like I said you just have to use your head, almost every NERF gun has it’s place it’s just deciding whether or not there’s enough uses for it to bother carrying it.


      1. The only thing about those under $10 weapons is they are small and great back up guns. Sometimes u need that one or two shots to get u out when ur ammo is gone. As I always say, the more guns the better. Also I hate the Retaliator type weapons as well, but I do have one question. Isn’t the Maverick type guns also to cock the weapon from the top, so why is it better? (I’m jw)


  1. Well with the right trick which I’ll be posting about soon you can actually cock it faster, otherwise the Maverick (though I’d suggest the Strongarm since it can hold more darts) is that its one-handed smaller gun and not two-handed long rifle like the retaliator so you don’t have to re-adjust your aim before you fire again.


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