Arming Yourself

It’s one of the most important questions to ask yourself when planning for HVZ: What weapons should I get? There are so many NERF guns to choose from but which ones are the most strategic and why? Here’s a list of the best NERF guns to have from my personal experience as well as some of the things suggested by the experts I know.


Maverick Strongarm

(NERF Maverick)                                              (Nerf Strongarm)

     One of the most important guns to have on you no matter what the situation is a handgun, one with 6-8 shots and can quickly be cocked at the top of the gun. The Strongarm is the newer model of the NERF Revolvers and costs about $20 at Walmart. The Strongarm can hold up to 8 shots and can quickly be loaded by popping out the revolving piece and filling it with the universal blue-bodied orange-tipped elite darts. The Maverick on the other hand is a bit older and would be tough to get at the store since the Strongarm has taken it’s place as NERF’s model revolver, but one can get it online for about $10. It has similar features as the Strongarm except takes the suction darts.

Rapid Fire



     The Rapidstrike offers the ability to rapidly fire at a horde of zombies coming at you with great accuracy, the one downside is that it takes batteries. This is going to be annoying and adds to the weight of the gun but as previously mentioned gives you that awesome rapid-fire. The clip that comes with it can hold up to 18-darts (but you can get bigger clips online). You can buy the gun brand new for about $40 or on Amazon for just under $35.

Pump Action



     The NERF Rampage is probably one of the best guns to have for HVZ! Like seriously! The gun offers a pump action firing method as well as a drum on the side that can hold up to 25-darts. One cool feature about the Rampage is that you can take the drum off and replace it with a normal clip. It allows you to pump off bullets in your own speed as well as offers better accuracy than rapid-fire guns, plus it doesn’t require batteries. The gun goes between $25-$35 at Walmart or online.

Just Pull The Trigger



     The Hail-Fire might look strange, but has so much potential it’s insane. The Hail-fire has the ability to hold up to 144-darts (with additional/larger clips) and has a handle in the front to help you steady the shot. The gun operates by simply pulling the trigger which allows you to quickly spurt off shots. The only real negative side to the gun is the cost: $40 for a new one and about $35 online.

A Classic

Sock Ball

The Sock!

     Fewer weapons compare to the accuracy and speed potential that the rolled up sock offers. Many new players write off the sock as a weapon that older players only carry just to say they did, but surprisingly enough with the right amount of skill I’ve seen people survive the entire game while still accomplishing missions with just socks. Socks can go for a few bucks at any retail store and are great deals at a dollar store.

Final Information:

     If you are allowed melee weapons then definitely use them! These weapons allow you to basically take out any zombie that comes too close. Think of how capable Michonne is in The Walking Dead when it comes to zombies. Otherwise stick to these weapons, and keep a watch for a later article about which weapons NOT to get.

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