What is HVZ


Humans VS Zombies

How It Works:

     For those of you who don’t know HVZ is a campus-wide game of tag, usually played (but not limited to) colleges. There are two teams: zombies and humans. It is the zombies team to successfully tag as many humans as they can, and it is the humans goal to survive without being tagged for as long as possible as well as complete as many missions as possible before the end of the game. The zombies simply have to tag a human and that human becomes a zombie, the humans on the other hand are allowed Nerf guns or other foam blasters (and depending on the rules you have even foam handheld weapons) as well as rolled up socks to defend themselves from the oncoming hoards.

In The Beginning:

     At the start of the game there is an OZ or “original zombie” who is disguised as a human and can carry guns etc to fulfill the disguise, their goal is to tag as many humans (thus turning them into zombies) as possible within the time limit they have been given. These will be the first zombies.


     Missions are given by the moderators to both humans and zombies. Many of the missions are usually given to the humans and the zombies are simply told to keep the humans from accomplishing the objective, but you really never know. I’ve had several missions given to me, during games when I was a zombie, that were specifically made for zombies only.

The Moderators:

     The Moderators are the people in charge of the game, they create the game, the rules, the missions; and make sure it runs smoothly. They are capable of determining who lives and dies….and comes back, as well as whether or not missions have been completed; think of them as the HVZ gods and be nice to them they’ve worked hard to make sure you have fun.


     Typically HVZ is played with NERF guns (and other foam blasters) as well as rolled up socks. Sometimes though humans (and even zombies) can wield NERF weaponry which can even include hand-to-hand weapons. It all depends on what you’re moderators decide on.

Check Out The Official Site:

     I’ve only lightly tapped the amazing awesomeness that can be HVZ so for more details check out the official site: HumansvsZombies.org and to see if there are games going on in your area go to HVZSource.com

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