My Favorite Show



Originally when I saw a commercial for the show Wilfred I was confused. ‘What’s with the dude in the dog costume,’ I thought to myself. I didn’t watch it to find out, not until a friend of mine started showing me clips from it and started talking about the episode featuring Ed Helms who plays a dog rapist, who uses peanut butter to…well….rape dogs. It sounded so bizarre that I had to check it out, quickly I was hooked. The show features such random bizarre comedy moments, while still having this psychological mystery element to it that we get to see throughout the show. One of the things that I loved about the show as much as it pissed me off was how at the end of each season something totally crazy would happen and I’d be all like, “OMG this is crazy, next seasons gonna be insane with this new development!” And then at the beginning of the next season it would turn out as some complex mind-screwing by the creators.

Elijah Wood and Jason Gann were great together, with Ryan (Elijah Wood) being a very…almost puny character. A man so tired of things that he has pushed himself to attempting suicide. Wilfred or Jason Gann on the other hand is the sarcastic bridging on “A-hole” dog who to Ryan is seen as a man in a dog costume who gives him advice (both good and bad) and plays pranks on him. A perfect combination I’d say.

The show explores the psychological as we delve into Ryan’s mind to discover whether Wilfred is real or simply some kind of strange hallucination of Ryan’s, or hey…maybe Ryan WAS successful in his suicide and this was him trapped in some kind of post-death life. And will Ryan ever get that beautiful girl Jenna (Wilfred’s owner) or will he be trapped in the friendzone? Who knows unless you watch the show.

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