It’s a Gap! So let’s fill it in!

Star Wars Rebels

Star Wars Rebels

I recently decided to check out this new animated Star Wars show : Star Wars Rebels, a show that takes place between Episodes III and IV. The show depicts the story of a group of rebels led by a surviving Jedi: Kanan Jarrus. The team sneakily invades and sabotages the Empires efforts. The first episodes focus on the newly entering member of the team Ezra, an orphan from the planet Lothel in the Outer Rim (Star Wars geeks know what I’m talking about), who happens to have some force powers about him. Supposedly the show will be meshing into the next Star Wars film: Episode VII with several other shows that the Star Wars section of Disney is planning.

For more details on how this show will refer to the rest of the universe check out this awesome article: “How Star Wars Rebels Will Connect To The Larger Star Wars Film Series,” by Sean O’Connell for the facts!

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