HVZ Tip: Working Out

So here at Buena Vista University during the Fall 2014 semester we play HVZ during the weekend of October 31, for those who don’t know that is Halloween night. To prepare for this I want to be fast, and a little bit better in shape, but I’m a busy college student. I’m working on a show (TV show yeah don’t worry I’ll be posting links to episodes here once it’s started) as well as other personal projects, homework assignments, and just not being a shut-in. So what’s a way I can keep my body ready for the physical toll that HVZ dishes out.

In the years that I’ve played here I’ve found that about part way through the second day my legs get really sore to the point of becoming stiff, like literally, I feel like one of those pirates with the wooden leg trying to run after humans. So to strengthen my legs I got Ankle Weights which you can get at you’re local department store. I bought the 20lb (that’s two sets, so 10lbs for each leg) for like $25, a little expensive (for a college student like myself), but worth it since I can add and take away weight (you’re supposed to start out small and build onto it).

Ankle Weights

Once I got the weights I simply wore them everywhere I went, when walking from class to class etc. This builds up muscle and generally gets you warmed up for more movement. The trick is to wear them at all times, sure there will be those times when you’re lounging in your room and have to get up to go to the bathroom or something quick and that’s fine, but if you plan on a long walk or if you’re heading to a class etc you should wear it. Don’t let you’re legs return to being used to having the weights off.

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