My Favorite Movie

Unicorn City

Unicorn City

I bet you weren’t expecting this! If you’ve seen this movie or even heard of it kudos to you, but if you haven’t I’m not surprised. You probably never heard about it airing in theaters since it’s more of an independent film, but nevertheless a great movie. It’s got a great storyline, a great theme, and an overall great moral at the end. If you’re a gamer especially fantasy RPG gamer you might just love this movie, if you’re a LARPer though you will LOVE it!

The story follows Voss, a RPG gamer with an anger problem who meets with his friends every day at the comic shop to play their tabletop games. At the same time we see his desire to get a job with a gaming company. He applies and the interviewer tells him he needs to see how Voss can prove himself a leader. So, to prove himself, he gets his friends together and starts a LARPers utopia out in the woods called Unicorn City, but it’s not as easy as it seems. Voss must deal with jealousy, lies, and his arch-nemesis Shadowhawk (played by Jon Gries).

The film own some great awards at various film festivals such as: Best Film at the Chicago Comedy Film Festival, Best Film Gencon Film Festival, Best Actress at La Comedy Film Festival, and others.

To check out Unicorn City go to or watch it on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video on Demand, etc.

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