The Regular Show is Back!


(Warning: Some Spoilers, Watch episode first)

     And it’s about time too! One of my favorite American animated comedies ever the Regular show has just returned with it’s brand new sixth season! The show has started anew since last season with Mordecai finally and officially dating a girl, a familiar girl in fact if you haven’t seen the fifth season after Mordacai was so close to having the girl of his dreams : Margaret, she leaves to begin a college career. Thankfully though, Mordecai’s heart did not remain broken because his ex-girlfriendish CJ, that cloud girl from back in season 3, (episode 25: Yes Dude, Yes!) returns and the two have reunited.

     Anyways into the new season we see the first episode: “Maxin’ and Relaxin'” where we finally get to meet some interesting characters who i think has always been in the back of our minds, a pair that we kind of think I wonder if they even exist or if that’s one of those details that J.G. Quintel didn’t want to address in the show, but he did! Those characters that are peaking our interest are Mordecai’s parents.

     Mordecai has to go back to his house to grab a mixed tape for CJ to listen to and she ends up tagging along, against Mordecai’s fears of her meeting his mom who he finds incredibly embarrassing. The interesting thing about this episode is that in most Regular show episodes Mordecai and Rigby (or some combination of the park-employed characters) get themselves into a bad situation and have to battle some freakish monster with some kind of bizarre weapon or by learning a new Death-Kwon-Do move, but in this episode we see Mordecai having to come to turns with issues from his past involving embarrassing moments his mom captured on a tape called ‘Mordy Moments’ as well as his negative feelings towards his mom.

     It was one of those episodes that will leave you, or in my case my girlfriend, to say: “Awwwwweeee.”

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