What the Freakshow!


(Warning: Spoilers)

It Has Begun!

It’s finally time again, American Horror Story Season 4 started October 8, 2014. I stick to my belief that the show should really be called American “effed up” Story instead because rather than horror I see some slightly creepy aspects matched with some crazy messed up situations and characters. Nevertheless though, I love the show! There’s always a great and very…curious storyline, and I love how they keep the same actors throughout the show playing different parts it gives my friends and I a fun way to interact with the show by shouting out, “Hey that’s that guy that played the murderer last season!”

It’s a Freakshow!

One of the things I love about AHS is their way of portraying historical events while still adding some scary (though a lot of historical happenings are pretty scary already and AHS finds ways to take that and play with it) and occasionally supernatural content. This season is no different, we see the Freakshow circus setups that were prevalent through the early mid 1900’s. Jessica Lange or in this season Elsa Mars, plays the leader/owner of the travelling yet dying Freakshow featuring the worlds smallest woman, a guy with freakish fingers (Evan Peters), and several other “monsters” as they are referred. The show bases heavily around Sarah Paulson’s character, or should I say characters since she plays the two-headed woman. It was really interesting seeing the two heads capable of communicating between each other telepathically.

That Clown Though.

So one of the things my friends and I were really stoked for (or intensely afraid of) was the usage of clowns and dolls, and AHS definitely served a delicious dish of creepy. We get to see this strange clown covered in dull colored clothing (strange for a clown) who just wants to entertain. The only issue with this seemingly nice clown is that he has some anger problems, and if he doesn’t feel like you appreciated his talent enough….he kills you. Loved that seen at the end of him (it?) on the carousel, great shot to fall asleep to that night.

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