Honorable Titles

So one of my life goals is to collect titles, titles that can only be achieved through…achievements. Titles like Dr. that one can only get through getting a doctorates or being awarded an honorary doctorate for doing something great. Currently I have two titles but one, though it did take hard work to achieve, isn’t really an addable title. The first one I received was the previously mentioned one that doesn’t really add a title but took a lot to get, I received the title through becoming a black-belt in Tae-Kwon-Do. As is tradition in Tae-Kwon-Do one who has a black-belt has the right to become a master or sensei and thus are called by Mr. and their last name. So for me I became Mr. Gorsett. The other title I have achieved is the title of Reverend or Rev. which is surprisingly simple and later on I’ll tell you how to get that title yourself.

Getting Titles

1. Knighting:

Being named a knight is very difficult and nearly impossible if you’re not a British citizen. An American citizen can, at most, receive an honorary knighthood which doesn’t give you the title of ‘Sir.’ There IS a solution though! How many of you have ever heard of the Principality of Sealand? Basically Sealand is considered, by themselves though many disagree, an established sovereign state which would make it the smallest sovereign state in existence. The principality is a WWII sea base right off the coast of Suffolk, England and it was decided by the UK in a court case that the UK does not have jurisdiction over it. Anyways, the Principality of Sealand allows you to buy titles from them, now I will say this isn’t really achieving a title through hard work but it will get you the knighthood title as well as a few others such as: Lord, Lady, Baron, Baroness, Knight, Count, or Countess as well as owning a piece of Sealand or Sealand ID.

Sealand’s Official website Here

2. Doctorate

A doctorate is a very difficult title to achieve but is possible for anyone who’s willing to put forth the hard work that it takes. One way of getting a doctorates is to go through college, getting an internship, going to graduate school, lots of writing and hard work, writing your doctoral dissertation/thesis, and graduating from graduate school. It’s a lot of very hard work but it’s worth it to some people. By the way you don’t have to just want to be a doctor to get a doctorates there are plenty of different areas you can get a doctorates in, sadly they have yet to make a way to get a doctorates in film-making. The other way to get a doctorates is to do something extraordinary and thus be awarded an honorary doctorate, which is awarded by a university. Robert De Niro received his honorary doctorate in fine arts, Meryl Streep has four honorary degrees, J.K. Rowling has six honorary degrees, and even Kermit the Frog has an honorary doctorate…I wonder if that means Jim Henson technically has the doctorate as well…but sadly he is no longer with us.

3. Religious

Catholicism: There are several different kinds of political titles one can achieve, or not achieve.Titles like Pope are almost impossible to get since they only have one at a time and they are typically Pope for life, or until they resign. Not impossible though. To become Pope you must first become a priest which also requires one to be a man (women can become nuns though), get a college degree in something (more than likely in Theology), then get ordained. Now you need to be promoted to a bishop which requires being 35 years old and having been a priest for at least 5 years. Now there is a catch to becoming a Bishop and that is that there are only 5,000 at a time and they serve until they die or retire after the age of 75, which means you will probably have to wait. Then once you’ve made it as a bishop you can move on to Cardinal but only 200 of the 5,000 Bishops are cardinals so you will have to wait even more. Once you’re a Cardinal it’s some more waiting for you as you wait for the current Pope to die or retire (that sounded terrible please tell me you’re not just doing all this for the title). Then all the Cardinals (including yourself) will meet in Vatican City to vote for the new Pope. You will vote and being that God has ordained your being the new Pope you will get elected and all you’ll have to do is accept. Great job you’re now The Pope!

Other Factions of Christianity: There are various different titles in the Christian religion depending on one’s denomination. You could be a Pastor, Elder, Deacon, Reverend, etc. These positions can vary in requirements. Many of the leaders require a college degree in Theology or Religions and/or go to regular seminars, while some of them all you have to do is be elected by the people of the Church. One of the most simple ways of becoming a religious leader is by becoming a Reverend (Note: Some disagree with the legitimacy of this method). All one simply has to do is apply online and become ordained at: themonastery.org which will actually allow you to perform legally binding marriages. Plus, at the end you’ll get a fancy printable certificate. I’ve done this as well as my roommate and some other friends on our floor in the dorm hall I live in (we made a day out of it). It made it even funnier when we hung them up on our doors and the Chaplain for our college stopped by (to talk to another student that happened to live on our floor) and saw them. Someone asked him if they were legit and he simply replied, “Technically…yes,” and then walked out with a big grin on his face. There are different state requirements though so if you’re really looking into marrying two people make sure your state will allow it, and of course that you have the paperwork and other requirements.

Saint: Saint is one of those terms you hear about a lot when you’re talking about Christians from the past and that’s why Saint is a title you will probably have to wait on because the only time you get the title is when you’re dead. That doesn’t mean you have to stop working towards it now though, all you have to do is be really holy. That sounds strange, I would suggest doing a lot of volunteer and missionary work.

Monks etc: To become a monk or Lama you obviously must first become a Buddhist. It’s fairly simple to become a monk all one must do is join a Buddhist community and have a guide. Then eventually you can get ordained which will lead to becoming a monk, and once you’re a monk you can receive the title of Dolly Lama which is given as an honor.

4. Military

Bottom-line serving in the military is all about time and dedication, those are the basic requirements. One can work their way up through the ranks just by having the dedication and desire to want a higher position, and maybe some education on the side of course. It’s not easy and it takes awhile to get where you want to be.


Earning the title Private is as easy as joining and getting through boot camp, but getting a title that turns some heads has a little more work to it (though a Private makes a good $1700/month) and there is some moving up to do in the private classes through TIS (Time in Service) and TIG (Time in Grade): Private, Private 2 (4 Months TIG and 12 Months TIS as a Private, and Private First Class (6 Months TIG and 24 Months TIS). Then you move up to being a Specialist or a Corporal, Sergeant, Staff Sergeant, Sergeant First Class, Master Sergeant/First Sergeant, Sergeant Major, Command Sergeant Major, and Sergeant Major of the Army.


Similarly to the Army you start out being a Private, and then you move up in the ranks through: Corporal, Sergeant (lots of Sergeant positions: Staff, Gunnery, Master, Major), Warrant Officer (Chief Warrant Officer 2-5), Second Lieutenant, First Lieutenant, (and then the good stuff) Captain, Major, Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel, Brigadier General, Major General, Lieutenant General, and the big one General!


Air Force, Navy, and US Coast Guard are other areas full of military positions and titles so feel free to check those out if you’re interested at Militaryfactory.com/ranks.

5. School

Most school positions require a degree in education and maybe business (depending on how high you go) such as Principle or Dean. Professors and Teachers can get in with a teachings degree, though a professor technically works at a college. A nurse would need a degree in the medical field. Coaches though are simple enough because one could simply volunteer as a coach for younger leagues or community leagues, though the title doesn’t really go farther than the team.

6. Scouts

Scouts is a great thing to work one’s way through as a young man or woman and teaches a lot of great life skills. I remember back in the day being in cub scouts and I still wish I had gotten to go farther in scouts. Getting the titles given in scouts revolves around working hard in scouts, getting those badges, and being willing to volunteer. Being a scout leader is usually a volunteer position with some experience as a scout.

7. Police

Getting in the police department requires one to get a degree in Police Science as well as having a clean record. Once an officer you can move in to becoming a Sheriff which is the highest law enforcement officer in a county or parish and it’s easily recognizable. Almost always a Sheriff is elected by the citizens of the county/parish. Then you have Chief of Police, or Commissioner which is very similar to a Sheriff. Also you have the other positions like Commander, Colonel, Major, Captain, Lieutenant, Sergeant Major, Detective, etc. It’s all kind of the same as the military: lots of positions and different areas.

8. Political

There are so many areas of politics that sadly I can’t go into it but there are lots of great titles to be collected in politics if you’re politically savvy. Governor, Senator, Representative, and of course President are some of the most recognizable.

Final Thoughts

There are a great many titles to get out there that typically revolve around one’s job. Even working at a grocery store can get you a title: Head Grocer, dairy guy, etc. Or you can have a gaming title like Pokemon Master that takes some hard work to get to. Some titles are auto-given like Mr. and Mrs/Ms. Bottom-line it all depends on what you’re passion is and how much effort and work you’re willing to put forth for a title.

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