Battling, Giant Pigs, and Epicly Jumping off Chairs

So this is what I remember. I found myself in some kind of arena a mix between a Colosseum with a dirt floor to fight on, but rises into a baseball stadium-like sitting area covered in those uncomfortable plastic chairs with the cup-holders on the arm rests. Anyways, I was in the arena as a fighter, but this wasn’t ordinary fighting. For some strange reason we battled with trading cards like Yugioh. I wasn’t the only one in the arena I had a team…of people I didn’t recognize which made things a little awkward. And on to the opponent….a giant pig! We threw down our cards which made weird creatures appear (sadly I can’t remember any of them) and all the while the pig tried to run us over and squash us to death. Ironically enough I actually used the card itself to kill the pig rather than the creature inside it, I did the classic dive under the pig while it’s running at you and slice it’s stomach open as it runs past. This upgraded my card to a gold card which was a big deal, but just as I was celebrating some girl that I think I went to high-school with snatched my shiny newly upgraded card and ran with it. I think she could teleport because she made it to the whole other side of the stadium in a hurry and I could never quite catch her. It was the process of catching her that was cooler than anything else though, I would climb up on one and vault off the side and go flying in whatever direction I launched to. I don’t know if it was some kind of superpower (like flying but not able to stay in the air, more like a floating) or if there was some kind of anti-gravity going on inside the arena. The dream ended pretty epic with me jumping towards the girl who stole my card, I went into some kind of third person view of myself flying towards the girls almost like the Nike logo like I was going to do a slam dunk….then I woke up to the sound of my alarm, literally before I was able to manage to snatch the card out of her hand. I swear my brain is psychic and uses that ability to screw me over in my dreams. Like it puts me into some really cool situation and then wakes me up right before the ending.

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