The Dark Side of Today’s Entertainment

I feel like with the way the world is where we know a lot more about the messed up stuff that goes on (wars, violence, etc) due to social media, news, technology and what we are capable with those things; and because of these capabilities we as humankind have become a bit cynical which takes us away from the happy-go-lucky attitude in our humor. With the movies of today we see a lot of violence etc which makes us want more. That’s why I think dark humor is what the people want; we crave that sense of realisticness that can come with dark humor. We like to see other people in a light that makes us feel better about ourselves which leads us to our interest in the psychological where we get to see the darkness of other people’s minds. Think any show that involve criminals, serial killers, etc and how popular they are right now. Breaking Bad is considered one of the greatest dramas ever made, we see the creepy messed up stuff that goes down in American Horror Story, and the list goes on and on. Sons of Anarchy, Orange are the New Black, all your criminal shows. Now I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with these shows I watch them just like the rest of you and I love them, I’m just saying that this seems to be the state of our sense and desire of entertainment. Rather I’m saying it’s giving us a new way of viewing our entertainment and what our entertainment COULD be, as opposed to what it was.

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