My Favorite Anime List #6-10

6. Angel Beats

Angel Beats

Such a sad yet beautiful anime I cry every time it gets to the ending I love it. Plus with the school theme to it, it spoke to me even more. The way I see it is that the things that happened to the characters in the story, are things that could be happening right now to anyone out there. The reality mixed with the fantasy high school was a perfect tear-jerker.

Description: A group of teens find themselves waking up in a purgatory-like high school setting. They have to figure out why they are there and whether or not they wish to move on, and what they need to do should they choose to move on.

7. Rosario + Vampire


Even though the humor is occasionally cheesy I loved the concept of the monster high school, as well as the romantic humor and the general ecchiness of the anime. I enjoy sexual humor as long as it doesn’t get too weird or uncomfortable, this anime manages to be within those boundaries.

Description: Tsukune Aono has never been the brightest student and things aren’t going well as far as getting into a good high school. Luckily, though, his dad finds a pamphlet for an academy that turns out will accept Tsukune and he is immediately signed up. Upon getting there he realizes that Yokai Academy is no ordinary school, but rather an academy for monsters (who disguise themselves as humans so they fit in) and even worse any human who is found at the academy is to be killed! Thankfully he befriends the beautiful Moka Akashiya, a vampire who’s abilities are sealed away in the rosario around her neck.

8. Is This a Zombie? Or: Kore Wa-Zombie-Desu Ka


I love the humor in this anime, similarly to Rosario + Vampire it has that Ecchi sense of humor that doesn’t bridge too far. It also follows a great storyline and the characters are awesome. I’ll be honest I love these kind of Harem anime.

Description: Is This a Zombie doesn’t follow a typical zombie show/movie story-line like High School of the Dead, instead the main character Ayumu is more like an undead superhuman able to use his entire body strength without limit. He wasn’t always like this though, in fact he would be an article in the Obituaries if it wasn’t for his new roommate: a necromancer from Hades Eucliwood Hellscythe who brought him back to life as the zombie he is now.

9. High School of the Dead


It’s kind of funny how my other favorite zombie anime is right underneath another. High School of the Dead is a much more serious zombie anime as opposed to Is This a Zombie. It gets pretty emotional at some points and is plenty dark which are both themes I love.
Description: HOTD follows a group of high school students as they escape from their recently zombie-infested school and survive as they try to find safety in a now zombie-infested world.

10. Baka and Test: Summon the Beast

Baka and Test

Just the concept of Baka and Test is enough to make me curious, it’s got almost a Pokemon meets high school feel with the whole battling your avatar through grades etc thing. Plus it’s hilarious.

Description: In a school where the higher ranking students have the nicest classrooms Class F tries to work their way to the top. The struggling students of Class F use their avatars to battle the students from the other classrooms, the winner takes the other classrooms stuff and the losers are left with the junk. Akihisa is what people can only describe as an idiot, but with the help of his misunderstood friends he pushes his way from Class F to the much desirable Class A.

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