As weird as it might sound I actually like classes where you sit in a large classroom and listen to the professor lecture, it gives me time to get anything done. I take these classes as study halls depending on how the class is scheduled. What I would ask from any professor who does their class in such a way as I described at the beginning is that they need to put the power points or however they decide to present either online or make the tests based directly off the book.

I say the first because that way I can use the class as a study hall and work on other homework etc as well as even play a game or something. I understand that this might sound wrong or even selfish but to be honest the lecture is not going to help me at all to remember the content given no matter how interesting or how much humor is attempted. I attend the class because there is a small amount of my grade that rides on my attendance and “participation” but the positive side of it is that sitting in a class while a lecture is going on really gives me the initiative to work on actual homework I might have whether it be for the class I’m sitting in or not, and with the notes online I can study the notes/power points online and still get a good grade.

If the second is the case I would ask that the homework be worksheets/questions based specifically off the book, and that the tests and quizzes that follow. This helps me to remember the things in the homework as well as the book and gives me an easily accessible and organized way of studying when the test rolls around.

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