Attack on Titan Dubbed Season 1 AWESOME!!!

AOTIMPORTANT: Don’t worry I won’t be giving any spoilers, I’ll mention characters but I’ll avoid spoilers.

Now I’m unsure if I mentioned before but I can’t watch subbed anime. I know everyone is probably booing me right now and I’m sorry. As much as I love Japan and the Japanese culture I just can’t connect to a subbed anime as much as I can with the English voices, it’s one of my flaws I know. Hopefully, though, we can put that behind us and all still be anime fans together and put aside our differences and preferences of dubbed or subbed.

Now that I’ve gotten past that whoever has stuck around to hear me talk about dubbed anime thank you. I just finished watching the incredibly well-written anime Attack on Titan. For those of you who haven’t heard of it I’d start to wonder why and how you’re hiding away from the world of anime while still being an anime fan, unless of course you”re someone with a new-found love for anime or you are still unsure about anime then I’d understand.

Anyways, Attack on Titan was phenomenal like seriously I don’t care if you watch it subbed or dubbed it’s amazing. The character of Eren Yeager was so well developed and just so furious. I’ve seen that sort of anger before in anime the kind that just let’s the character get back up no matter how many times they get knocked down. Normally I would find this annoying like seriously to keep knocking the character down over a series of 5-10 episodes and then he/she keeps getting back up, a little annoying. In AOT they really managed to pull it off though, just the emotion that the show planted inside of you. You feel the anger the characters feel towards the race of titans, the hatred they have for the creatures that have devoured their friends and family. It was beautiful but in a dark way that leaves you feeling disturbed, satisfied, and upset all at once.

I’m so excited for the second season which is expected to be released August of 2015, of course this will be the original release date for Japan, so we’ll have to wait about a year or so for it to be dubbed.

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