In the Quiet

As I walk to class I listen, I listen not only because it’s too early to talk but also because it lets me think. It lets me think about what is about to happen today, what happened yesterday, things I wish would happen and how I hope things will go. As I walk in my silence I listen to those around me, I hear nothing. Those around me are just as silent as I. The only sound that can be heard are my footsteps as my shoes lightly fall against the concrete sidewalk. In the background is the low hum of some kind of generator. Nobody talks, not even to say hi. They simply lift their hand in an  unexcited way. Maybe it’s because it’s early, I wonder what each person might be thinking about or if they are simply going about their day as they do every other day. The silence seeps in, a deep solemn silence. For some reason the quiet is strange to me, I’m headed to class the same as always and it’s always been this quiet. Why do I notice it today? What is different? Rather than finding the answer I accept things as they are and continue on in my own silence.

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