Oops, Not My Class

You know that awkward moment when you accidentally walk into a class while they’re still in session thinking it’s empty, and the worst part is that you are singing. So everyone in the class including the professor stops what they are doing and looks at you with eyes wide wondering what the heck you’re doing interrupting their class.

I once had a friend who did the something similar. We were at the college I’m at now but it was during the summer which is when a lot of foreign exchange students stay and take classes.Anyways we had been having a small special group class and we had changed classrooms. Now this friend of mine was also part of a band that was practicing during the time when the classroom change was announced. So at our normal class time he went to the original room threw the door open and walked confidently into the class. Turns out there was a large group of Japanese students inside and a very stern old professor who looked fairly startled by my friends abrupt appearance. Everyone looked at him in shock thinking there was something wrong like an emergency and he had burst in to warn them. He looked around quickly realizing what he had done and in his haste to figure out a solution bowed and calmly said, “Konichiwa,” bowed and walked back out closing the door behind him. As soon as the door shut he heard a burst of laughter from the 50 some Japanese students inside.

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