Sometimes I look at other people and wonder if they feel the same way I do, feel the sense of existence that I feel. I have almost 2 decades worth of experiences and memories, and I feel this sense that I’ve been a part of life of the world. It’s kind of hard to describe, but I look at other people and I wonder to myself if they feel the same sense of existence as I do. To me I meet these people, they become my friends, I learn about them and hear about their lives and experiences, but sometimes I wonder to myself how they feel during a typical day. They walk around and go to work or classes or whatever they do and to me it seems like they’re going through some kind of robotic repeating schedule. While I have various things that hit me throughout a typical day that differ from the norm. I know in my mind that others have issues as well and that things affect their daily lives, but it’s so hard to see their reality the same way I see my reality. It’s so hard to understand them as I understand myself, and then at the same time sometimes I feel as though I don’t understand myself….

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