Real-Life Superheroes

I’ve always loved the concept of vigilante superheroes working somewhat outside the law to make the world a better safer place. I understand that the police are there for our protection, and I DO agree that their job is important and we need them; but at the same time I feel like they aren’t always able to handle the situation in the best way possible, and I’m not saying that’s their fault we have to remember that they have restrictions on them. I’m sure there’s a lot of great cops out there that wish they could shoot the drug-dealers and beat up the child-abusers, but they’re required to follow the constraints of the law. That’s why I believe that there needs to be some out there who can go outside of the law, to an extent of course. Obviously though we always have that issue of humans being humans who fail. We have police officers that get paid-off by the wrong-doers and in the same way we, should we accept the masked vigilantes out there, would have those who would abuse that power and do damage to whomever they wish. We don’t live in a utopia society so things aren’t perfect and neither are people. Nevertheless I still think that those just men and women who go out there and put themselves in danger are heroes, and I especially love it when they do it in style and put on the costume and cape, though it make look a little ridiculous (I personally think it’s cool) I think it comes across as inspirational.

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