Me and Work Part 1

So as a typical American young adult I know a decent amount about working. Currently I’ve worked about half-a-dozen different jobs in my lifetime. It started with helping my dad who is a contractor, some of the most boring or sucky work I’ve ever done. I helped him fix various things at people’s houses and apartments: leaky pipes, holes in walls, etc and also installing things like A/Cs and water heaters all pretty boring stuff and required me to either sit around handing my father the next tool he needed every 10-20 minutes, or carrying something (typically) heavy from the car into the house. At the same time I did a lot of mowing, and honestly as long as I was getting paid to do it I really didn’t mind. I started doing a weekly mowing job for my uncle that got me $20 a week and his lawn was really not all that big, I kind of felt bad like I was taking advantage of him or something. I still do this job during the summers. Sometime in 2010 I started working for a local grocery store, if you like in Iowa or the surrounding area you might recognize the name Fareway, great company they make really good fresh meat that they slice etc right in front of you as opposed to pre-packaging it like most other grocery stores do. Anyways this was the first professional job I ever had where I was on an actual payroll etc. I’m gonna stop this blog post here and move into a part two.

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